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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Mar 16, 2021 by Vlad21
And i鈥檒l post my opinion about you ..since im back and bored

#maxi1234 - I think you can be a little to extra sometimes and have been in the past, but we got on pretty well before i left the site especially in that stars where you slayed me , but at least i lost to the winner
#christossss - Solid person, really good at tengaged games from frooks to stars and them all , also pretty easy to talk to and get on with
#vansaccountnumber534 - Assuming you are #Princevans, I think u are a funny guy who always cracks me up , especially when people take you seriously as you troll them
#kindred7 - I think you were like the big thing when I left , but I dont know if we ever had a chat so cant really have much of an opinion
#galaxies - If im not mistaken i remember you from my short time in the millz chat where you were pretty decent to talk to, I know u took a long break from tg so I dont know what you are like nowadays
#marietori - Always a solid person to play a frooks with, with that being said tho i dont remember us talking outside games
#benp428 - My frooks and stars broski from 2k15 to this day , we ocasionally fight over games like kiddos but you know im always there for you in games
#joey96 - For some reason we always target eachother in frooks ever since that stars we played , I dont think we ever really gave eachother a chance , that should change
#zoon - We got pretty close in the months before I left and I really like that i can come to you and you鈥檙e there to always hop in a game with me.. appreciate u
#hisoka - We went from friends to enemies to friends to casually fighting over random games, but I think you a good guy and someone i can always count on in games
#raiden - I think we played that survivor together and i really enjoyed chatting with you , we should play something more often
#david2560 - Mi nino, one of my faves people on tg , missed u but im glad im back in time for T-prom , just dont message my gf thx
#marwane - We would casually meet in frooks every once and then, I always thought you a chill and nice guy , kinda shady sometimes tho
#redfabfoxy - One of my closest friends on here even tho we might have a random fight or argument every few months , i still think you are a great guy and someone thats there for me when i need a shoulder to cry on
streamxx - Hey kaya baby , we went from arch nemesis to friends that banter about everything , you crazy af but you funny and good to chat with
kaylabby - I think you used to hate me but idk why, I think we talked once or twice and met in some games but thats about it, dont have much else to say
rowjone - I鈥檝e seen you around before and maybe we played something together but I really cant remember sorry
semajdude - Heya bro , I always thought you were a shady guy up until that survivor group game we played , I really changed my mind since then, you are pretty chill and cool to chat with
jonob - Sadly i have no clue who you are :(
jacksonjoseph99 - Great host and person as long as you arent mad cuz then you turn into a full psycho , tho its nice to see that side of you also :)) Hoping E&F is still going strong cuz i need a group game return
cheritaisdelicious - We had our ups and downs, but we鈥檝e always been loyal to eachother and ready to listen to our problems , I think you are a cool lass and easy to chat with
sihz - My boy Sergio , I always thought you were so nice and easy to chat with , it was also great hosting you and then hosting with you. Hopefully we get to play something together at last
guigi - EW NEXT.. jk.. You are such a nice person , i like how we always act like hating eachother and then slaying games together rofl .. gotta catch up soon
j2999 - A solid top 10 closest friends on here , one of the few people I can say id talk to outside of this site , it was good catching up tonight
washed_ravioli - Solid guy to play frooks with even tho you can be pretty shady , also great player in group games .. Problem is i never know when to trust you or when to not
willie_ - We kinda fallen out with eachother ever since Estoy happened tbh, I still think you are a great guy and the best person to chat about survivor with
daddydev - We used to hate eachother and go at it every frooks , but nowadays I really think you are misunderstood by many and that you a loyal guy that i work well with
iigalaxyii - Its unreal how much we bonded in that stars , one of my faves people around and someone that always entertains me , its good to be back , lets chat soon
emmam - Hmmmm tough one here , we used to chat so much in between our long tg breaks , I think you are a 10/10 girl that deserves much more in life than you were given , I value u as a friend even tho we dont chat these days
firex - Idk how i feel about you after that group game we played long ago , you are someone that gives 2000% all the time tho and I really like that about u
isandeh - I鈥檝e been so shady to you in the past for no real reason and im sorry , and for an opinion , i dont know you well but a lot of my friends like you so Im sure you are a cool person
lemonface - The biggest blog troll , we never had a chat, but we always randomly comm at eachother blogs and im sure eventually we鈥檒l meet in a game and slay , until then
amandabynes - You were pretty cool in that stars we played and i sometimes see you in a frooks , but you always join with people so we barely talk
singsongers - Seen you a lot recently and I think we played some frooks in the past , no real opinion tho sorry
darbe - pls dont waste both our times , you know that u are up there with david now hush it and leave this before i send 1000 bounties to ur house thx
7unareclipse - no clue who u are
spikedcurley - Hey bub, nice to see you.. Probably the nicest person on tengaged, always a pleasure playing with u and talking to you
flamingjojo - I suck for never coming back to do that stars ;( but from our other stars , i think you are a great guy and i wish we talked earlier in that one instead of going after eachother but we live and learn
bigben1996 - Hello Moses , it was so fun seeing u troll everyone when I hosted you , also btw if u host anytime soon lmk, anyways back to opinion , you seem like a nice and funny guy and u troll will so you get bonus points
skyler1822 - Oh damn its been a while since we talked , I barely remember our chats but I know you were training to be a doctor , I hope that went well
tiffanox3 - Glad to see you around here still, we used to slay games and talk all day , my eastern europe charm worked on you in that first frooks ahhaaha and we became good friends.. I hope life is well and that you and your bf are happy together and that ur daughter is good


me king <3
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d'accord :)
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sure lol
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Tiffffffffffff and glad to see you back 鉂わ笍
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