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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


16thApr 18, 2020 by Tadd
District 1-
M- Sprtsgy1989
F- Lemonface
District 2-
M- Guigi
F- Maxi1234
District 3-
M- Randomize
F- Gagaluv
District 4-
M- Bamold1999
F- GiGi10
District 5-
F- NotAfraid
District 6- DEAD

District 7-
F- TotsTrashy
District 8-
M- NMH95
F- Funnehliner
District 9-
M- BBLover96
F- ElectraViV
District 10-

District 11-
M- BengalBoy
F- Akeria
District 12-
M- SJsoccer88
F- XxLoveWakizaxX

The wind whips past the Cornucopia, lowering the temperature slightly, and filling the air with dust. Enjoying some of the shade, the alliance of finally relaxes after salvaging half of their water supply in the big tank. It was only sliced about halfway down. The reserve will slowly lose water now due to evaporation since there is two gashes in the side.
“Did anyone see who those twerps that cut the water tank?” Maxi1234 breaks the silence.
“No I didn’t see their face, but it was two men… Both tall” Electraviv replies.
“I could have sworn that I seen your partner, #BBlover96, Viv,” Guigi calls out
“No I don’t think that’s who it was, He isn’t that tall,” Akeria responds.
“I think you’re just covering for her, because i swear that your partner was the other guy,” #Guigi says, “were you guys planning on killing us in our sleep tonight? Because I am not going to let that happen.”
Guigi raises his Longsword in show.
“I think you need to relax and take a deep breath,” #ElectraViv speaks soothingly, her charm definitely an asset.
“Don’t accuse me you twat muffin. If I wanted to kill you, you’d already be dead!” #Akeria raises her machetes in show as well, but also for defense. At that moment #Maxi1234 launches her hatchet at, Akeria, but she just rolls out of the way and lands on her feet, ready to defend again.
“OOOH GURL, YALL BEST GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE I END YOU FOR REAL” she begins to dash at Guigi, but is forced to roll out of the way again when Guigi swings his longsword. #electraviv Pulls back her bow and let’s an arrow fly at #Maxi1234 who swats it out of the air with her longsword. Maxi gets closer to Akeria, now attacking in unison with her district partner Guigi. They both swing their swords but Akeria manages to stop them both short with her machetes, and retaliates with a swing. Unfortunately that brings her a little closer to the pair. Another swing is sent from Guigi at Akeria, but is blocked by both Machetes. Maxi1234 swings her sword, but isn’t close enough and barely slices horizontally across Akeria’s calf muscle. An arrow hits the backpack around Maxi’s shoulder and she freezes in fear.
“Enough!” Electraviv yells, “Next time I won’t miss, you need to leave now. I was hoping we could all work together as districts, but it appears District 2 cannot help but fight everyone that they see.”
#guigi and #Maxi gather a few items from the stash and go to the desert.

The sun starts it’s decent in the sky, pointing tributes to the west. Glistening in the sunlight, the bamboo brings promise of water, after walking through a mile of barren desert land. GiGi10 and Bamold1999 finally reach the bamboo first and take a break a few meters in, Each facing back to back. The only sound is their hearts pounding, loud enough to drown out the most glorious of noises. The cannon fire of the last tribute dying from the bloodbath #Thumper91. #GiGi10 grabs the canteen from her backpack and takes a few sips, curing her throat from the painful scratchy feeling from the dust and exhaustion. #Bamold1999 let’s out a loud groan and Throws his canteen through the forest, as the Arrow launched from #Electraviv at the Bloodbath punctured straight through it. Luckily GiGi10 allows Bamold to quench his thirst. He pulls the small round shield out of his backpack, which managed to stop the arrow from piercing through the back of his ribs. Once their heart rate starts to go down, Bamold and GiGi hear a fain beeping that ascends every second. They glance up at the sky and notice a silver container facing for the sky, heading right for them. The first sponsor of the game falls into Bamold’s lap, sent from Overseer Rando. It spreads open in a spectacular fashion, like a Tulip in the moonlight. Inside is a map of the Arena, marked with their current location. The tributes smile and head North along the ridge line of the bamboo forest, searching for a place to make camp.

3pi14159 reaches the Bamboo forest and looks behind his shoulder, seeing that Lemon is not close behind. A moment of relief for the young lad. The moment doesn’t last long as the wound in his back intensifies with pain. He tries to pull the backpack off him, but winces and notices there is something lodged in his back. He silently sobs and lets a few tears roll down his cheek as he realizes this condition could kill him. He finds a sliver of bamboo lying on the ground and puts it in his mouth, so he could bite down as he rips the backpack off. A muffled scream fills the nearby forest, but not far. Catching his breath, trying not to hyperventilate, #3pi opens his backpack to reveal his supplies. He finds a tarp, some flint, a white sweatshirt, a canteen and a Hatchet, covered in blood. The sun begins to go further down, faster than the normal sun would go down. Worried about nightfall coming soon, he dumps a little bit of water onto his back and lets out another groan, slightly louder this time. He wraps the sweatshirt around his chest, using the torso part to cover his wound and stop some bleeding. He walks forward, feeling the energy draining from his body. A beeping sound makes him stop in his tracks. He readies his hatchet, worried about other tributes or even mutts. Slowly walking forward he see’s a canister lying on the ground. When he touches it, it opens like a tulip again, and announces it was a gift from district 7’s only game winner. Some healing salve in a jar is waiting for him. He realizes he cannot reach his wound himself and would need help. He continues walking into the bamboo, the stems getting thicker as he goes. Suddenly he emerges in a small open area, covered in grass.
“3pi1419!! OH MY GOD” TotsTrashy yells, sprinting towards her district partner. He lets out a grunt as she hugs him and she stops, unwrapping her hands from around his body. She notices her hands are covered in blood.
“Are you okay?”
“Well i could really use your help… I was attacked in the Corn and now I’m bleeding.. Just my luck to fall on my own weapon. I was lucky though and Margot from D7 sponsored me some healing salve. Can you put it on my back?”
She obliges and he takes off her shirt. The wound makes her gasp and 3pi furrows his brow.
“Don’t tell me how bad it is, I don’t want to know.” She applies a splash of water to rinse out the wound and then applies the salve. Instantly he begins to feel better, the wound stopped bleeding. The salve pulls the pain away, but the wound remains open. #TotsTrashy rewraps his jacket over the wound. While she is busy cutting a strip of tarp to tie it tighter to his chest, #3pi14159 hears some rustling in the bushes that become louder. Out bursts BengalBoy and BBlover96 !! They waste no time, and Bblover’s hatchet flies as soon as they appear in the field, and it hit’s #TotsTrashy in the thigh. She screams and 3pi jumps up off the ground, spinning around to see the two male tributes. Their short swords already at the neck of TotsTrashy.
“Toss us whatever is in your hand girl” Bengal yells in her face. She quivers and rolls the rest of the canister towards the male pair.
“You, toss me your backpack,” BBlover signals to 3pi. He reaches down to grab the backpack, but pulls the hatchet out without them noticing. He throws the backpack to the group and while that distracts them he throws the hatchet with his other hand, and it slices BBlover’s bicep. Tots trashy rips the hatchet out of her leg and raises it to attack, but Bengal boy and BBlover simultaneously swing their short swords and off rolls Trashy’s head.
3pi runs deeper into the forest so that he can escape for the night, running away with just his canteen.
BengalBoy and BBlover grab the hatchets off the ground and use the salve to repair BBlover's wound. They hold down the spot for their camp.

Gagaluv seems to find a comfortable spot where she takes a break, waiting to hear any tributes that might come by. She sets up a fire with the lighter that she found in her fanny pack. She uses the bamboo to make a small fire and eats one of the banana’s she managed to grab and follows it up with a swig from her canteen.

Randomize dashes through the bamboo forest, having been chased straight through the desert by xXlovewakizaXx and Sjsoccer88. They lose distance between each other and begin taunting Randomize. Laughing and telling him to give up, #SJsoccer88 can run faster and snatches Randomizes hair, and stopping him dead in his tracks. Randomize flails around and screams for his life as Sjsoccer88 grips his hair with such force, there’s no where for him to go. #XxLoveWakizaxX swings one scythe into Randomize’s chest and then uses both hands to drag the blade down, slicing his chest and stomach wide open. Randomize’s body lies on the ground and he gurgles his last breath.

Wakiza and Sjsoccer empty one of the three canteens they received from the bloodbath and continue searching the forest. Taking slow steps and waiting to hear footsteps from anyone that might be close. They spot some smoke rising up from the trees ahead of them and pick up pace. They prefer to ambush whoever might be trying to survive just ahead of them. They emerge onto an embankment next to a river, that is about 20 feet down off the cliff. To their left they spot Funnehliner and NMH95 sitting next to a small fire. Funnehliner and NMH95 stand in defense, ready to defend the camp they made out of the Tarp and bamboo. Wakiza and Sjsoccer inch closer and closer to The District 8 pair and ready their weapons. NMH95 lunges his spear towards Wakiza and she loops it with her short scythe and knocks it out of the way. Given the opening SJsoccer Jumps to Funnehliner with his Boe Knife in hand, trying to stab him. Funnehliner blocks it with a shovel they received from NMH’s backpack. He follows through with his swing and pulls back, smacking SJsoccer in the face with his shovel. Funnehliner walks towards SJ who jumps and kicks his knee, twisting it in the wrong direction. NMH95 swings his spear around and smacks SJsoccer in the back, knocking him down for his partner. Wakiza swings her scythes again, but NMH95 stops them with the staff of his spear, pushing to keep the blades from inching towards his face. SJsoccer gets back up and swings to stab NMH95 in the back, but the blade doesn’t connect. #Funnehliner lunges on her one good leg and tackles SJsoccer, holding onto him tight as they both fall off the cliff into the river.
“NOOO,” NMH95 yells as he pushes with all his might, throwing wakiza onto the ground. She rolls to the side and the spear just misses her chest and jumps to her feet from her back. She begins running with the current of the river, hoping to be able to find her partner if he’s still alive, downstream. NMH95 stays behind to guard the camp he created.

Maturo roams through the desert, the tarp he managed to grab wrapped around his body protecting his fair skin. He roams looking for anyone who might want to align with him,but he cannot find anyone. With the wind whipping around his tarp his sense of hearing is hindered, not allowing him to spot the tribute running up behind him. Lemonface stabs her longsword straight through Maturo’s abdomen. He tries to let out a cry, but he cannot muster up the energy and falls to his knees. Lemonface pulls the sword out and kicks Maturo’s body to the ground, leaving him to bleed out in the blistering sun. She takes his tarp and stuffs it into her backpack and keeps jogging into the bamboo forest, hoping to re-find #3pi14.
*Maturo takes 10 minutes to bleed out*

Lemonface wanders into the forest but see’s a smaller female tribute in the bamboo shoots.
“It’s okay, NotAfraid, Come on out, I won’t hurt you. We all need a friend in these first few days” She spouts.
Shyly, NotAfraid comes out of the bushes, her knives up. “Are you lying to me? I am Not Afraid to use these”
“It’s okay I won’t. I promise. If I want to attack you, I’ll give you a head start,” #Lemonface winks.
Feeling the answer was genuine #NotAfraid let’s their guard down and continues to light the fire she just built.
“Hold on wait,” Lemonface pulls a folding shovel out of her backpack. “Let me help. If we dig a hole conjoined to another hole and burn the fire in one hole, It will burn hotter and produce less smoke. This way nobody can spot us too easy.”
The two tributes work together to get the fire lit and built a tent with their combined supplies of some rope and tarp.

Sprtsgy1989 walks the outer permitter of the bamboo forest, hoping to make sight of his District Partner Lemonface, but cannot find her. But he see’s two tributes entering the bamboo, Guigi and Maxi1234. He knows he’s outnumbered currently and sneaks into the bamboo before they look in his direction. He begins to make a trapping system with bamboo and some of the rope he got in the Corn. He splits 4 of the 8 throwing knives he’s got and puts them in the traps on each side of him.

As the sun finally sets, The Capital Seal appears in the sky and patriotic music starts, revealing the dead from day one.

24th- D5 Male Varlto
23rd- D6 Female Diva1
22nd- D6 Male TheSexiestDude990
21st- D10 Female Thumper91
20th- D7 Female #TotsTrashy
19th- D3 Male #Randomize
18th- D8 Female #Funnehliner
17th- D10 Male #Maturo
The seal ends.

5 more sponsor canisters fall from the sky during the night. The tributes use the first night to rest.


LMAO wow my body count is piling up.

We love feminism notafraid
Sent by lemonface,Apr 18, 2020
Im so skinny
Sent by Maxi1234,Apr 18, 2020
oh my goodness i survived
Sent by 3pi14159,Apr 18, 2020
Me & viv trying to murder maxi1234 is a mood
Sent by Akeria,Apr 18, 2020
Thanks for not killing me queen lemonface <3
Also I laughed so hard when sjsoccer88 pulled Randomize’s hair 🤣
Sent by NotAfraid,Apr 18, 2020
me and bblover96 putting in work 💪
Sent by BengalBoy,Apr 18, 2020
Poor totstrashy lol
Sent by BBlover96,Apr 18, 2020
this is iconic im mad im not apart of this :(
Sent by Stunzer,Apr 18, 2020
yea not pretending i read any of that but still plussed lol
Sent by NexusCain,Apr 18, 2020
District 3-
M- Randomize
Sent by Paige54,Apr 18, 2020
Thanks daddy nexuscain
Sent by Tadd,Apr 18, 2020
anytime pumpkin Tadd
Sent by NexusCain,Apr 18, 2020
What a power duo we are <3 Maxi1234
Come at me again bitch ima slice you ElectraViv

but honestly xxLoveWakizaxx killing Rando is a mood
Sent by Guigi,Apr 18, 2020
District 4-
M- Bamold1999
F- GiGi10

Sent by Willie_,Apr 18, 2020
LMAO bblover96
Sent by TotsTrashy,Apr 18, 2020
Sent by GiGi10,Apr 18, 2020
Sent by ElectraViv,Apr 18, 2020
Yesssss me and wakiza are killing it!
Sent by sjsoccer88,Apr 20, 2020

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