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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


12thApr 16, 2020 by Tadd
ICONIC CAST RANDOM.ORG Hunger Games Story :)! I Love writing these things!
District 1-
M- Sprtsgy1989
F- Lemonface
District 2-
M- Guigi
F- Maxi1234
District 3-
M- Randomize
F- Gagaluv
District 4-
M- Bamold1999
F- GiGi10
District 5-
M- varlto
F- NotAfraid
District 6-
M- TheSexiestDude990
F- Diva1
District 7-
F- TotsTrashy
District 8-
M- NMH95
F- Funnehliner
District 9-
M- BBLover96
F- ElectraViV
District 10-
F- Thumper91
District 11-
M- BengalBoy
F- Akeria
District 12-
M- SJsoccer88
F- XxLoveWakizaxX

The tributes arise inside of a giant shaded Cornucopia. The shade made of a thick black mesh that stretches the length of a football field, held up by smooth, wide concrete pillars standing 15 feet tall.
Arranged in a rectangle, everyone stands at the ready as the countdown begins.
“Thirty” the voice echoes through the barren desert that surrounds the cornucopia. Sunshine bakes the dusty earth. Cracks in the crusty earth provide evidence that water may be scarce. Each tribute begins to sweat as the heat drains sweat out of everyone’s pores. The temperature sitting at 100 degrees.
“15.. 14… 13… 12..” The countdown continues while the tributes scout the various items scattered around the cornucopia. Backpacks litter the outer edge which could provide basic needs, weapons, or various survival items, but never all three. Weapons lye in the shade, scattered in a jagged circle surrounding a giant Blue Water Jug that sits directly in the center. Other random items are in there as well, but they are so close together so going for them may be dangerous.

“5… 4… 3… 2… 1…” hearts begin to stop as the countdown gets closer.
“GONG” The thunderous sound stalls some people on their pedestals, while others begin dashing for the corn, having been trained their whole lives. SjSoccer88 runs for the backpack that sits closer to him, and snatches it within seconds, his speed unparalleled to the others. He glances around and cannot lay eyes on his district partner XxLovewakizaxX. SJ spots a canteen lying close by and grabs it before running back to the pedestals, staying on the outer edge to look for wakiza. XxLovewakizaxX started on the other side of the rectangle, and sprints towards the first thing she spotted in the weapons circle, a pair of short scythes lying on a white hoodie. As she gets closer she spots Randomize running towards her, him having started in the adjacent spot. Quickly wakiza grabs the scythes but is tackled by Randomize. During the struggle, wakiza drops the scythes, but is now laying inches from the hoodie. Randomize begins to punch wakiza in the face multiple times. Struggling to block the strikes, Wakiza grabs the hoodie and wraps it around Randomizes face and pulls it back, straining Randomizes neck and suffocating him. He stands up and that lets Wakiza grab the scythes and swing them in his direction. ‘RIP,’ goes the sweater as the scythe slices through it, scratching his face open. Randomize realizes he could die and runs away from the corn, only getting the ripped white sweatshirt. Wakiza turns around to grab a backpack and run into the Desert, as there is refuge in a bamboo forest surrounding the entire desert. She screams as she’s startled to see her district parter #SJsoccer88 and they run after Randomize together.

3pi14159 reaches a backpack that sits between him and Lemonface. Lemonface faked being slow, and quickly ran up behind 3pi14159 once he had his backpack. Lemonface snatches the handle on the backpack and flings 3pi to the ground. He lets out a groan as his neck is whiplashed into the ground. Lemonface stomps her foot down and kicks 3pi in the forehead. Screaming, the younger 3pi grabs lemon’s foot and trips her. He is able to stand up and run away with the backpack still on his back, but he notices a sharp pain in his back as he’s running away into the desert.

#Lemonface, aggravated from not being able to steal the backpack continues deeper into the corn. Suddenly she’s standing face to face with Varlto, who managed to grab a backpack and a set of brass knuckles. He swings for Lemon’s face, a whoosh sound whizzes by her head, but she has been trained from the age of 3 to Volunteer for the hunger games. Lemon thrusts her foot into Varlto’s gut, he bends over in pain and is met with a second kick to the side of the head. He tumbles to the ground, dizzy from the strikes. Lemonface grabs a longsword lying near by, and turns back towards Varlto. He starts to get up from the ground, but Lemon catches up and thrusts the sword into his calf, stopping his movement. He screams but is pushed to the ground from Lemon’s momentum. She rips the Sword out of his leg and stabs it straight through the back of his head.
Lemonface retreats into the desert with her sword, and Varlto’s backpack.

Luckily TheSexiestDude990 and Diva1 were next to each other on the pedestals and could work together to grab some items. They jog through, when suddenly a soft breeze finally rolls through the Arena, giving the contestants a brief relief from the intense heat. #TheSexiestDude grabs the backpack as #Diva keeps watch. She makes eye contact with TotsTrashy who nods and grabs a backpack and begins retreating to the desert. Diva and Thesexiestdude work together to get closer to the center of the corn. They would really like to stay as close to the water as they can. As Diva reaches for another Longsword that is on the ground Sexiestdude keeps watch. After they pick it up they move closer to the corn but are stopped short. A group that had formed when the tributes trained together stands before them. Guigi, Electraviv, and Akeria , the oldest of all the Tributes. #Guigi and #Akeria both Kick #Diva1 before she really knows whats going on. She drops the longsword and is held to the ground by Akeria while Guigi grabs the sword. Meanwhile #ElectraViv is struggling to keep Sexiest dude restrained. Guigi swings the sword and slices SexiestDude’s stomach wide open, blood begins pouring to the ground. Electra drops SexiestDude to the ground and he falls with a sickening thud. Diva screams out for her partner as she can’t get out from Akeria’s stronger grasp. Guigi turns around and cuts Diva’s head in half, Blood squirting all over Akeria.
BOOM!  #Akeria wipes the blood from her face and the group begins going around the weapon circle, grabbing the only Bow and Arrows in the arena, as well as a pair of short blade machetes. They reach the supply stock and Lock eyes with Thumper91 who screams and begins to run away with a Plethora of items contained in a tarp she managed to find. #Electraviv lets and arrow fly from the bow, but it just misses Thumper’s head. This startles her so much, she begins to lose her footing and the heavy satchel she’s made sends her tumbling to the ground. Electra fires another arrow as #Thumper91 struggles to keep as many items as she can. The arrow prices through her lung and she slumps to the ground.

Sprtsgy1989 swoops in and tries to obtain the Tarp satchel Dropped by Thumper. She gasps for breath on the ground and Sprtsgy realizes then how dangerous this game is. He grabs the items and is suddenly face to face with Maxi1234 the fourth member of the Alliance formed in the training session. She hits him in the face with the hilt of her Longsword and he stumbles backwards loosing a couple items. An arrow whizzes by Sprtsgy and he swings the satchel, knocking #Maxi1234 out of his way. He runs towards the desert, away from the alliance of 4. Maxi rips the arrow out of Thumper’s chest and stabs her again, through the other side of her chest, puncturing her heart.
Akeria, Electraviv, Guigi and Maxi surround the water tank in the center of the arena and keep watch.

Maturo watched his district partner go down from a reasonable distance and screams out for her, but it’s useless. He realizes she’s going to die and retreats from the corn, managing to have found a tarp for himself.

After grabbing a set of knives from the dirt not too far from her, NotAfraid stumbles upon the dead body of her partner #Varlto and jumps over his head body, grabbing a Fanny Pack that lies on the ground. Witnessing the bloodshed, she runs out into the desert.

GiGi10 and her partner bamold1999 managed to grab a backpack each, and had reached closer to the supply pile. Meanwhile on the other side of the water tank Funnehliner and NMH95 have managed to grab backpacks and a spear. In Funnehliner’s backpack, he has found a hatchet. They begin to circle the tank and head towards the supply pile, but the alliance of 4 spots the other 4 tributes.
#Akeria swings her short machetes at #Funnehliner and #NMH95, but the spear keeps her at a reasonable distance. Standing back to back, Funnehliner catches eyes with #Bamold and #GiGi10. Bamold and GIGi run back towards the desert with their various supplies they stuffed into their backpack. The dash for another set of Short handle scythes that sit untouched. Bamold feels all the water soak his back and legs as an arrow punctures through the backpack, but is stopped by something else inside the backpack.
NMH95 manages to keep the group of 4 from advancing too close with his spear, while funnehliner snatches some supplies. Guigi begins to rush for NMH95 along with Maxi, but they are stopped when Funnehliner throws his hatchet at them.

Suddenly, while the alliance of 4 is facing towards #Funnehliner and #NMH95 BengalBoy and BBlover96 Slash their short Swords into the Water Tank distracting the Alliance of 4 from attacking Funneh and nmh95 anymore and they manage to escape into the desert.
#bengal and #BBlover retreat to the desert with their backpacks, before the group can make out their faces.
Gagaluv manages to pick up some scraps through the arena, waiting for the perfect moment, which is now since mainly everyone is gone and the alliance of 4 scrambles to save some water. She manages to get a hefty bunch of bananas, a canteen, a fanny pack and one long knife

24th- D5 Male #Varlto
23rd- D6 Female #Diva1
22nd- D6 Male #TheSexiesDude990
21st- D10 Female #Thumper91


District 2-
M- Guigi
F- Maxi1234
Sent by Maxi1234,Apr 16, 2020
LMAO dont fuck with me again varlto
Sent by lemonface,Apr 16, 2020
LMAO big Dallas my female counterpart 👍
Sent by BengalBoy,Apr 16, 2020
lemonface don’t you dare fucking attack me again. You have been warned
Sent by 3pi14159,Apr 16, 2020
XxLoveWakizaxX and me killing it
Sent by sjsoccer88,Apr 16, 2020
I loved reading this ❤️ Can’t believe my partner varlto died though =[
Sent by NotAfraid,Apr 16, 2020
Wakiza grabs the hoodie and wraps it around Randomizes face and pulls it back
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Apr 16, 2020
rooting for district 2 and district 11 woohoohoo
Sent by SharonMaItems,Apr 16, 2020
Wait this is so cool! Thank you for including me in this! :) Tadd
Sent by ElectraViv,Apr 16, 2020
Well you are super Iconic ElectraViV !
Thank you
Sent by Tadd,Apr 16, 2020
Honestly I don't deserve to be with these icons but I'm glad I got my good gal maxi1234 with me <3

thank you Tadd you're amazing as always x
Sent by Guigi,Apr 16, 2020
Sent by varlto,Apr 17, 2020
Varlto im so sorry you died. didn't like you;(
Sent by Tadd,Apr 17, 2020
You put some work into this Tadd! Good job!
Sent by Diva1,Apr 17, 2020
Thank you Diva1 sorry you died. Randomize was not in your favor;(
Sent by Tadd,Apr 17, 2020

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