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Literally can't even

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I haven't played a game Nov 6, 2022
In years because I need to have a 700th game charity
But then I have nobody to join so 馃拋
Points: 61 3 comments
Hello queens Nov 6, 2022
Gift me as a welcome back present
It's what Jesus wants
Points: 29 0 comments
Hello Nov 6, 2022
I'm just living life. Idk if anyone remembers me. It's been over a year since my last log I'm.
Been a year since I thought of this place
Yall like an Ex Boyfriend
Points: 77 2 comments
Hayy Aug 30, 2021
Havent logged on in months
Whats good bitches
Points: 56 3 comments
Do we still skype? Apr 6, 2021
Im not sure,
But i definitely wanna get back into the community a little more halp
Points: 37 2 comments
I wanted to do my 700th game charity Apr 6, 2021
Points: 29 4 comments