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5thAug 5, 2017 by Stunzer
#Bengalboy dont know you personally, but ur fucking hilarious on the blogs page. You needa get another top blog so I can piss myself laughing again. :)

#Thumper91 had so much fun with you in hunger! hope I see u in a different game sometime soon so we can keep up our friendship. You're so funny and I love talking to you < 3

#Peter69 don't know you that well but ur friends are pretty iconic!

#Rizzo im the better justin. just being honest. overall ur still a pretty cool guy even tho u SUCK at tagpro. justin hadid > justin rizzo

#malachite05 ur probably not straight, but who knows!

#bigbrotherlover7 throwback to our stars. Youre a very nice guy on calls! kinda miss ur voice :*

#wpwsers196 idk you personally. everyone on call seems to be ur friend so i guess ur gucci !

#AllieBoBallie havn't spoken to you but ur funny af on blogs whenever I see you comment/blog, we shud probs talk more x

joey65409 robbed king of both mo's bb and now hunger de gamo. I really wish we could play together where we can actually make it farther cause ur so loyal =[, miss u!

Darbe #rawr25 seems to be in love w/ u so, so am i!

garrievans97 ur funny on calls ive been on with you mr. garri evans. we had beef i think a long time ago but that beef got SQUASHED

kaylabby iconic mother of the blogs page. ur funny AF please dont leave tg

markb101 yes ur right idk you but u still deserve an opinion! you're friends with ashleybaby which makes u good in my books!

rawr25 #blessed #woke @ being blessed by u commenting on my blog. thanks for always turning me on when i speak to you / look @ ur shops. < 3

AshleyBabyx3 i have no words for how much of an icon you are. soz.

HelenCoops idk you personally but you're clearly a bad bitch with all dem 1sts on ur FP

Wade03 not sure who u are, but u seem chill on d-blogs

Admir been a while! it was so much fun to be on #tribeonearmed with you! hope you're still having a blast playing vivor :>

m7md26 Literally master manipulator over here. You're crazy funny whenever we have skype convos, and ur SHADY as fuck in any scenario

MichelleWilliams robbed from #TBB . It was so much fun watching you float your way by unnommed, you clearly where playing an amazing no-blood game, but clearly the other HG's saw that coming. You seem like a great person!

FedeBenna no idea who you are soz. I love ur avi tho :>

KingB24 You're fucking hilarious anytime we go on calls together/play league. IDK why it took us legit 6 years to become friends. Boost me to Gold 3! Thanks ;). Love you Chase, my pussy is LEAQUING!

Guigi GUIGI!!!!!!! FINALLY UR OFFICIALLY BACK FROM WHEREVER TF U WENT. I missed you so much, hope to see you in my hunger games that's happening shortly! You're honestly SOO funny whenever we have random mail chats. don't leave again! >:[

Allyxox Queen of slaying my hunger games. IDK the last time you got a bad placement. Can't wait to see you in the upcoming hunger games! It's gonna be a blast. You're such a nice person and always seem to understand me which I appreciate a lot. :)!

Steven999 Jessica Graf Fan, so you're automatically an amazing person.

maturo havn't really had a convo with you but ur funny on the blogs page

GoodKaren The only reason why I won The Hunger Games is because of your front page. Thanks mom < 3

LasVegas Bryce ur so funny on calls. we needa play TAGPRO WITH THE MILLZ! soon. i think we're R to smack em up.


Galaxies You like Danganronpa and that was legit my fav series. Otherwise, the few times we've had skype chats together ur pretty funny and always cause havoc, pretty entertaining!

koolness234 MAKE MORE VLOGS YOU BITCH! I need to get abs some how and your vlogs always seem to help work em out. Anyways, you're funny af (obviously), and even though we don't talk, I still think you're a great person

XxLoveWakizaxX Hey girl! Haven't really spoken to you much but you're fun to watch on the blogs page. :)

EmmzX Throwback to all the fresh hotel memories you and Dawn had together, when I just spectated in the background LMAO. You're such a funny person and literally a rising icon on TG! Love you, and so does Dawn!

BritishRomeo17 don't know you that well, but you seem fun and chill :)!

MrBird (raul?)! Ofc im gonna still update, im #teamloyal . I miss talking to you and randomly running into you in games! We work well together, and ur always funny in my pms. Miss you :[! (and blu :[[[ )

flippo135 Only know you from my hunger games, not much outside of it. I think you should really branch out and start ranking up, i feel like you'd be a great competitor just as much as you are in my games! :)

dwipeouts idk who you are but you got dragged by #jojo7784 which is very AWKO TACO!


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lol me
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thanks buddy
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stunzer I'm straight btw
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I mean sure but it's gonna be idk you
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Ok sure!
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why dont we give it a go
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xo emma the doll
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Pls still update
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