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Pika's Dog Eat Dog Season 1 - Analysis

0 pikachu142, Feb 23, 2016

So with season two shortly around the corner (Probably later tonight)
I'll be giving a run down and my personal thoughts on how the first season's cast did and what i thought was the good and bad and some awards too!
The cast
C_Shizz96 [2nd]
Dolphinz811 [TOP DOG]
Emmett4 [5th]
LoopyCoco1 [3rd]
PeachessnCream [4th]
Rizzo [6th]
Flop of the season: Rizzo - in episode one there was a two way tie between #Rizzo and and #Dolphinz811 since it was the first round a random person would be chosen to break the tie and that was #Rizzo he dropped a bombshell shocking the live crowd as he choose himself to do the challenge Lift Off however he lost the challenge and became the first member of the dog pound
Shock of the season: I think the biggest shock of the season happened in episode 4 when there was a three way tie between the final three players on who should compete in Ladder Wheel witch gave #Peachessncream the choice on who should compete since she was last eliminated in episode 3 she sent #Loopycoco1 witch sealed his downfall and sent him right to the dog pound
MVP Of the season: The dog pound  now this may sound strange the five eliminated players we're going up against #Dolphinz811 was the top dog in the game he was so close to winning the grand prize however it was just not meant to be because for 3 straight rounds the people he choose would get all their questions right sweeping it 3-0 meaning the dog pound would each take home a portion of the grand prize leaving #Dolphinz811 with the same amount of money he came in with
Thank you for reading this long analysis and be sure to be on the look out for season two signups either later tonight or tomorrow if i forget!
#Casting #Rookies #Dogeatdog

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