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Thank you for spreading the GREAT LOVE!

0 malachite05, Nov 16, 2018

This is truly a #blessed day galaxies you are shining example for Tengaged community!


There is no greater feeling

0 malachite05, Mar 5, 2018

Than when you are playing Find Me and the avatar you supposed to find pops up on the same exact square as when it's on the prior screen where it's telling you which one to find #blessed



1 Matthew09, Dec 8, 2017

it's snowing so much here in South Texas, like it's never snowed this much b4! #blessed


So glad St. Nick Spoiled my child...

3 VeryMaryKate, Dec 6, 2017

last night.
We really are #blessed and Sabrina Raye is a luck gremlin KID I MEANT KID.
picture courtesy of blogs


When you wake up

1 tharealmike, Dec 3, 2017

without a hangover #Blessed


66$ dollars spent on fast food last night

1 XxLoveWakizaxX, Nov 11, 2017

I love having girls as friends who have thirsty guys trying to get in their pants. LMFAO so we go order @ A&W, everyone in the back is shouting out what they want so I was like "Fuck it I want a mozza burger combo" lmfao almost a 20$ meal I get hooked up with. #BLESSED
but I was prettty fucken shocked he paid that much just for drunk hoes to eat



2 Loopspeare, Nov 6, 2017

Why would someone want a beard?
I'm #blessed that my facial hair growth is minimal so that I can tweeze it. <3



1 smuguy2012, Oct 7, 2017

Shania Twain is playing on my birthday this year!! #blessed


The Haters Back Off

2 screamfan0061, Sep 27, 2017

Official Instagram just liked one of my comments #Blessed


Hello my name is Malachite

1 malachite05, Sep 14, 2017

And I am here to be your friend <3
Have a #blessed day


My cousin had a baby with her cousin

1 XxLoveWakizaxX, May 16, 2017

and had a beautiful baby cousin now they're asking me to be the god cousin #blessed


11 brandonpinzu, May 6, 2017

Happy Birthday Jake! Since it’s your birthday, I collected a few messages from a bunch of people that you are/have been friends with over the past little while. Here they are! Lemjam6
“Happy Birthday Jake! =]
Honestly, you really are the best. When no one else cares, you still care.  You care so much about your friends, even when you go a lil psycho (but we’re all a lil psycho), and I hope by this blog you see that the love is returned in full! You really just get me like others don’t and i’m so happy that i’ve met you and #blessed that you are part of my life.  It’s really hard to trust people on here and see the good, but you’re always and forever team loyal, team fun, and someone to count on.  I predict many good things are going to be coming to you in your future, as deserved! Whether that be a lifetime supply of Panera, the return of Cristina Yang,  a well-deserved stars win or a defeat from the curse of the Algo tie.  I love you and hope your birthday brings you all the wonderful things you deserve! Cheers to a good year, and many more to come! xo” - AllieBoBallie
“Happy birthday Jake! Thank you for being my friend. I feel like a lot of people see you for a tough exterior because of you’re yelling but inside you’re a big softie and a great friend to have. Hope you have perfect day!” - Eoin
“JAKEEEEE HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!! I fucking love you and you're craziness sometimes lol you are such a good friend to me and always such a hoot I miss you to pieces. I hope you have the best birthday ever :)” - Thumper91
“Jake, where do I even start? Bitch we've been through more shit than Meredith Grey, I don't want to be corny, because you hate that but idc, like i've said time after time you're my best friend on this site and time and time again we've been there for eachother even if we despised eachother, you make me scream laughing and you never bore me, you're my SISTER, same wavelength boo, ily <3” - Judi
"Happy Birthday Jake, where do I begin? I met you like idk how long ago in skype games but we never really clicked till stars. When we played stars with Corey1 we were on call like all night playing Balloono and it was pretty iconic. You were part of the OC at the time (blegh) and now look at you, you have your own sheep, (some annoying at times) but overall you are a leader and not a follower and I respect that. Though we get into fights sometimes I consider you a great friend and enjoy your day hon. Signed, Erica Hahn. M.D." - Halloween
“Jake! We've been friends since April of 2013, and its been a roller coaster of feelings thats for sure. You're a really good friend and you know it, we may not always get along but you are my best friend. I cant wait to meet you one day, so you can see me for my true insecure self. Have a great birthday Jake, I love you. “ -..


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