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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


4thNov 3, 2023 by Ryon246
For my honest opinion of you

ilovepuppies135 - (Nicole) You are a ray of sunshine when you do just what you do whether it's blogging, playing games and that's very commendable. Keep doing you 馃榿

SexyTex - (Austin) Incredible player and cool person to talk to. I still don't know why you sheep Masta 馃槀馃槀 You'd forever look good on the block in my eyes 馃槀馃槀馃槀 thank you for helping me update my Av from your shop I'm very appreciative of that 馃憦

David2560 - I love that you are understanding. Keep doing you and being who you are.

joe001 - I wish you'd read the room especially when it comes to noming me. You are a nice person to interact with and never arrogant which I love.

Carriexoxo24xo - You can make persons feel guilty about their decision 馃槀 but I love playing these games and talking to you tho. Always a pleasure to interact with you 馃槉

Asuka_ - We don't interact much but you seem normal. Interact with me and I'd have more to say.

Thiii - You are very nice to talk to and I enjoy interacting with you. You are a I don't have time for this person so if you state what you say and others don't take it on you'd simply discontinued yourself from the conversation if you believe it's going around in circle. Talk about passion while that's a good thing in these games it can sometimes affect you depending on the outcome. I hope you have navigated the balance in passion tho. Other than that I love playing these games with you and you are loyal. Anytime I join frooks and see you and Royal getting along I find that suspicious 馃槀

LaCroix - (Jeffrey) I'm glad to have you back on this site after so long. The type of day brings certain responses and I understand. You are really loyal and I enjoy playing these games with you whether it's a mini or just a regular game on tengaged it's really fun. Tbh idk why you stopped with the minis or games I need more. Keep striving and new give up.

Mackey - You can be opinionated which is a good thing. I remember the days we couldn't get along in frooks 馃槀 glad to have you back on this site. You are valued and are needed no matter what nobody tells you.

Treeko - Nice Av 馃槉 I don't know you well to give like a good opinion but allow me to welcome you to the site. May you find what you are looking for here and may you remember the most important reason why you joined the game was to have fun no matter if some pisses you off and may you also your reason for joining this site. Hope you're having an enjoyable day.

lBrice - However years ago it was fitting to bring you into this world and have you on this site. My honest opinion could take long because it is both good and constructive with the goal of helping you be a better version of yourself as you know I'd always have your best interest at heart but I'd keep it short and sweet. We have managed to get along really well despite the challenges before. I am glad that we both can play a game and not take anything personal. Hire me as your mediator cause you know why 馃槀 I'm glad to be in your frat and won't be leaving 馃槉 keep being yourself (Opinionated, unfiltered, Understanding) and keep doing you.

stolenseason - (Amy) A moment of silence for the times we played frooks together and thought that each others eviction button looked cute to press leaving no trace of two people coming together to work well in a game. I must say that I only knew you as Country's friend and that's it but having seen how you treat my friend and other things show allot about your character and how protective and caring you are. You have said what you said whether one wanted to hear it or not and only mean well from a good place. Keep shining your light and thriving in life.

Scooby69 - (Kara) I can't remember how we met or when but all I could remember is how well we managed to communicate effectively. You are a very nice person to talk to tbh. Two thing that is very commendable is your loyalty and friend orientatedness and yes I'm adding a word to the dictionary cause why not. You have gone out of your way for your friends, are loyal and have been a team player to them. Keep at it and succeeding in all that you do

Thumper91 - (Lauren) Imagine one simple conversation about singing voice sparked a journey of loyalty and engaging communication. I truly enjoy speaking to you and hearing your various responses. Thank you for being a cheerleader and support on this site. Your vibrant personality is what makes this site a wonder to be hold in the people that play. Thank you for your loyalty 馃槉 keep going at it and climbing mountains as well as keep doing you

JonSnow000 - Let's take a trip but not any other trip but a trip to memory lane where winning POVs was your statement piece and we would continuously be going at it. Despite the fact that I won over you it was a friendly match that I enjoyed greatly. It was nice getting to see your competitiveness in that game and look forward to getting to know you and play with these games with you. Keep on pressing for greater things 馃榿

temponeptune - You're so dramatic 馃槀 you need to rejoin stars and play some frooks 馃榾 hope all is well with you.

Kalamity - love talking to you in these games. The fasting legend you are cause you use to eat them up in fasting. Glad to play games with you. Keep making your impact on the world.

daveycool - life has the people that keep it real with you and you have definitely done that. We may not agree on everything but we do work it out. Talk about the epitome of dramatic you wear that crown with stride 馃槀 One attentive player when it comes to these games. Wishing you success and endurance for whatever you face.

3pi14159 - I surely remember how we met and I'd like to thank you for doing that for me its still an appreciative gesture even up to today. Whenever I see you play frooks I love the vibe you you bring and how competitive you can be when the need arises. You have managed to do an extraordinary job managing special games and that skill shows a lot about you as a person. Keep doing you and there's nothing nobody could do about it.

Jessie_ - Welcome back to another episode of it was fun playing frooks with you 馃槀 You made the game so much fun and engaging. Keep growing and making your impact on the world.

Typhlosion37 - Our names are different but we some how manage to navigate well together. You are a nice person who brings excitement when you play. You are a patient and well manner host who does the hosting thing with grace. We mesh really well and that's really a good thing. You need to host more and I look forward to seeing you grow and develop throughout this site and life.

Bigjon21 - Let's talk basketball for a second because you have shot your way into this site to soar through the many passes that a given to you to make a deep dive in that net so that the world can know of your spark that you bring. You have faced many opposing teams as you hoop your way into the net but you have never let it stop you with your new found coach in your life who has helped you to keep it together with your teammates you have come in contact and navigated so while even while obstacles were thrown in your way. As you have dunked each ball, you have displayed a sense of friendliness, honesty, enthusiasm, passion and competitiveness amongst other things though you have things that have hindered your at times from dunking, you have managed to get back up and rise again. May you score many game points as you continue to navigate the many opposing things that come against you and may you be successful as you learn and grow and perfect whatever needs perfecting.

MastaManipulator_11 -  Frooks brought out the battle in us and then it brought out the let's work together. You are a great player when it comes to frooks and navigate so well. It was nice playing with you and I hope you continue to make an impact on this site.

cocainita - Hey 馃槉  I love your passion for the design side of tenaged and you have good marketing skills that you manage to get better at because your designed usually go on the design page which is commendable. Keep being your expressive self and feel free to ask me to plus 馃槉

If you want me to give you my opinion on something specific about you. Send me a mail and I'd answer.


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