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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Rated R Stars

Nov 14, 2023 by Ryon246
Or not that is the question. Let's face it persons have used their sex appeal and good looks to gain votes in stars. Many persons use various strategies to get the public on their side and the public have decided their own method of determining a stars winner. Despite the divide with Cultures and minority groups stars has always unfolded how it has unfolded. Persons are now starting to speak against but stars is like an elections some use their looks, some use their sex appeal, some shower for you, some entertain, Some spam you out, while others go on a particular theme (Premade, Alliance). Let's face it stars is a popularity contest and the popularity can take many forms.  If persons want to be the change that stars has instead of blogging about it or knit picking. Hold others accountable and encourage the cast, the public and the entire tenaged community to play fair and have rules so that the polls are fair


Almost everyone does at least 1 of these things, or HAS done 1 of these things: they just lie about it or hide it better
Sent by BenjaminB,Nov 14, 2023

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