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Dont let this site

13thJan 7, 2024 by Ryon246
Cause you to drop your morals and values that have been instilled in you for someones friendship it's not worth it. If you have to drop them then you shouldn't be friends with that person.

Just have friends and it won’t get ruined.
Sent by Survivor8,Jan 7, 2024

Survivor8 I have friends. It's assumptions and emotions made you make that comment and I pity you for doing that to yourself. Secondly I personally won't ruin someone's charity so why should it be done to me. What you don't like for yourself don't do it to other. Also the game has comments for a reason so maybe along the way you didn't see that it was of melicious intent to ruin that charity. Allow me to show proof since you probably may have missed it along the way.

Colter 1 day 21 hours ago
Omg thank you for claiming for me Eilish
+2 pointsEilish 1 day 21 hours ago
Ruining this charity because I hate you. Charity for COLTER!
+2 pointsRyon246 1 day 21 hours ago
Join if you wanna help
+2 pointsRyon246 1 day 21 hours ago
My charity xkxkdkdkdksksksksmskskdkdkd

Hes ruining my charity because he hates me. I let him run his racket in hunger, survivor, crooks and all the other games he plays ect and minimize our interactions. I also can separate personal from game why can't he leave me alone he didn't need to join my charity but he made a conscious choice to enrol and make his agenda be know that he is there to not have it succeed. He also could have asked persons to fill it or wait until it was filled to then have a charity for colter. Ensure you know the side before you make a comment like the one you made on the blog.

And remember what you don't like for yourself don't do it to others. Ruining a charity isn't my thing and I wouldn't maliciously plot to ruin someone elses. I truly pity eyelash as well as those who are on the mission to ruin my charity


It’s not like you enrolled and nobody joined. They just immediately followed you in and are bullying you? Yeesh
Sent by SultanPeppershaker,Jan 7, 2024
Ryon246 Well first I'm not a loser who has charities for themself because I don't care. But also like my original comment says, mine wouldn't get ruined. Mine would be filled in under an hour. Better yet if people saw someone specifically joined to ruin my charity they would join instantly to make sure it couldn't happen.

It's really simple, have 6-8 people ready when you join and the charity won't be ruined. There are plenty of people who hate me and I have 100% certainty that my charity would never get ruined.

Anyways you took my comment as "you have no friends" which probably means you don't. Like why else would you be so offended by it? But also Eilish and I aren't friends. I dropped 0 morals by saying you should have had friends to start a charity.
Sent by Survivor8,Jan 7, 2024
Survivor8 firstly we don't mix and mingle so you could never offend me and secondly it was a general statement no where did I say you dropped your morals. Congrats on your ability to miraculously have persons fill your charity I must commend you and take this time to inform you that not every user has this same opportunity so in that regard we as a community must help.the person and not ruin their charity. When I came back to this site I faced challenges in getting my charity to fill and it was never ruined persons joined to help. Eyelash finding a solution to have it filled instead of ruining it because he hates me would have been a better solution and that's the bottom line of the situation you probablydont want to see. Whether it fills fast or fills slow you don't ruin someone's charity (Especially if you reason is of malicious intent) and if that's a common tengaged thing keep me out of it cause as for me I wont ruin someone charity because we can't see eye to eye. I'm ending this conversation right but I do wish you all the best and that you have an enjoyable day
Sent by Ryon246,Jan 7, 2024
survivor 8 is a cunt so
Sent by Wade03,Jan 10, 2024

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