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Nommed for 9th

17thJan 24, 2024 by Ryon246
imageMembers of the Jury my fury was unleashed and it will continue when I renter. My lawyer and I have been trying really hard to gather other citizens so that those unnomed can stand trial but some have refused to cooperate. My lawyer shall be in contact with Judge (Randomizer) to issue actions against those obsessed with my name and the wrong doers. Under section 2 on flavoring the law clearly states that any attempt to flavour someone shall issue a court order.

Members of the jury I am here appealing to you to not give those citizens the opportunity to flavor me and I hope that this court let's them know how serious this flavoring action is against me

I would also like to raise in my defense that I was able to make you proud and nom both the wrongdoers and get the unnommed up because I was tired of the renom culture. Despite a quiet cast, I've been able to try my best and thrive

Your honor allow me to bring evidence 1 flavoring. This cast is trying to flavour me and you the Jury I urge you to not let them get their way. Help me to continue to raise my fury and apply pressure on this cast. If dogging was a tengaged skill I'd say this is a skill

My lawyer and I are not pleased with this set splitting, stars renom renoming, fake pretending, switch up on you cast. I've been fighting this battle alone and still trying to fight tooth and nail. In a cast where you're constantly wondering how to navigate I've been advised by my lawyer that this battle is going to be intense and here for it. The case of Ryon for 9th vs the cast has not wrapped up yet and I don't intend for it to wrap up.

In closing I'd like to plead with the jury to send me back in so that I can continously fight this case and win. I've been fighting and doing what's best for the game even in a silent cast.The case of Ryon vs the cast has not wrapped up yet and I don't intend for it to wrap up with me getting 9th.

Your honor I hope the jury sees that I haven't done the crime so why make me do the time. Overuled your honor. Members of the jury the power is in your hand  I hope you find me not guilty.

Press Emmetts button to find him guilty


im innocent
Sent by Emmett4,Jan 24, 2024

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