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Grown Folks Question

Nov 9, 2023 by Ryon246
You were with someone but the relationship ended between the both of you. 6 Months to a year later your friend approach you and say ay x y z play out and I wanna go with (Name aka your Ex) would you allow seeing that it did not work out for you but it might work out for them. Lemme hear your thoughts.


Allow??? Lol really not up to you
Sent by BonnieParker,Nov 9, 2023
I think that’s weird of your friend to want to be with your ex however respectable they came to you first about it
Sent by mikec51,Nov 9, 2023
hell no
Sent by Lemjam6,Nov 9, 2023
I personally feel like it depends on the context of when you were with that person… was it 6 months casually dating or was it serious and ended badly? Did someone cheat? Etc.

I think if the relationship ended badly and I reached out to that friend to support me emotionally, I’d personally not be ok with that friend then wanting to date the ex at all!

I think a year is not a large amount of time but if you aren’t angry about it then that’s your answer!
Sent by ilovepuppies135,Nov 9, 2023

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