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How is that Unpleasant Player Mar 27, 2024
Still in that star casts. That cast working hard but whatever they doing they're working harder
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Let's Normalize Mar 12, 2024
Playing as much frooks as you please without people judging you for it

Blogging as much as you'd like without persons making you feel a type of way


Persons who play survivor alot
Persons who play hunger alot
Persons who joined stars every 5 weeks
Persons who host orgs alot
Persons who commit to shops alot
Persons who commit to designs alot
Persons who commit to spam alot
Persons who ruin charities alot
Persons who don't know how to mind their business alot

To the same standard you hold someone who plays alot of frooks.

If you wanna come down on someone who just loves the fast paste approach frooks brings rather than the games that take a decade to complete then come down on all the other demographics that make up tengaged. Let's be honest the only reason Persons can come down on frooks players is because it's fast paste and you can play alot in one day based on how rotation does you as oppose to the other games which take longer. Its either we normalize this, come down on others or just know that some things are better left unsaid. How does coming down on someone who plays alot of frooks benefit you. Have an enjoyable day
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Monopoly Go Mar 8, 2024
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Is it you? Mar 7, 2024
There are people I'd ride for in these games
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Confessions Tuesday Feb 20, 2024
Send me your confessional in mails for it to be posted here. Your name would be excluded to maintain you being anonymous.

i believe the user Farmanu is a great man, one of a kind. some may never know
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Give This Stars A Title Feb 13, 2024
My title is The Sheeping

3, 2, 1 Go
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