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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Nommed for 15th

10thDec 10, 2023 by Ryon246
Martin Luther had a dream and I had a moment to avoid 16th only to be pushed for 15th without even getting to breath. Let's be real I've always been targeted early in these games and its annoying more annoying than the cast sheeping a certain player and the other members going along with it. The theme of this cast is sheep me , play middle I'm even beginning to wonder if some of them joined this cast just to hand over their stars win. Dear Public I am asking you to send me back in to make moves and help the room to which my castmates belong to come to their senses. Imagine mailing me to not lock eachother in and while I'm petitioning for you to not go up with your sheep you're here locking me in Kinda fake of you but nevertheless I will continue to prevail. This made me realise I should play for myself moving forward since it's apparent that everyone else is.

If you want sugar, spice and a bit more reality hit then send me back in so that I can create a worldwind in this cast.

Gl Robbie 馃檶


Wishing you best of luck, happy is a close friend.
Sent by VanitySmurf,Dec 10, 2023
Martin Luther
Sent by Currents,Dec 10, 2023
Good luck!!
Sent by survivorfan12,Dec 10, 2023
good luck +++
Sent by Timberlie,Dec 10, 2023

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