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Nommed for 14th

10thJan 22, 2024 by Ryon246
imageWelcome to.the court room . The case that is being here today is Ryon vs the cast. The fact that I have navigated and made it to this DC is a testament to my ability to strategically navigate the game. Today I would present my case before you the Jury (The Public) and Judge (Randomizer) as to why I should stay here over my opponent

Here are the evidence:
I have been accused of being guilty of just existing in the cast and getting nommed. My name was all over persons mouths and I simply couldn't exist. Dear public send me back in so that existence can shake up the cast again.

I have also been accused of being guilty of being nommed in this set. I have tried hard to get others to push another set. And ik you're tired of not seeing those you would like to enter the courtroom here and stand trial. Send me back in so that I can ensure that they enter court and see you.

It's no secret that this cast is quiet but it is also toxic. When I say toxic I mean toxic. Your honor this set is so weak and just another opportunity for those that aren't on the stand to get away with their wrong doing. I am fighting in this court room for the jury to not find me guilty for 14th. I have so much to offer and more persons to send to you so they can stand trial.

I object, Relevance your honor, objection your honor. Help my lawyer win this case by saving me.

Press Shawn's eviction button to find him guilty


Donatella VERSACE 💜
Sent by LooseyLaduca,Jan 22, 2024
I was watching law and order when you posted this🤣
Sent by joe001,Jan 22, 2024
You and bengie for the win please .
Fuck this cast….
Sent by Travisk30,Jan 22, 2024
GL <3
Sent by Natrix,Jan 22, 2024

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