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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Nommed for 4th

6thJan 27, 2024 by Ryon246
imageMembers of the Jury I tried to avoid this set but they wouldn't let me breath. As I entered this house I've been a household name. But nevertheless ive done my best to survive and thrive in this game.
Ive gone through this game:

Physically- At times due to what i was faced physically playing this game it became a challenge but i overcame it

Mentally- Nobody speaks about the mental battles that you go through playing stars and I think we should have conversations about this so that others can be helped and navigate. Stars can affect you Mentally because it's not easy putting your foot forward and facing so many obstacles along the way. Mental Health is very important and I'm encouraging everyone to take care of their Mental Health on and off these games

Emotionally- The emotional toll stars takes on you is ever so crucial everyday. From betrayal, to backstabbing, to figuring out who to trust, to having others criticize your game because you didn't play it how they believe you should have played it. I've faced battle as well from being a house target to persons plotting my downfall and flavoring but still I made it. I've also been targeted because persons drew their own conclusions on me

Game Wise- I've kept my promise to you the public and let my fury reign as well as getting the unnommed up, I've endured having my name being pronounced in every DC and manage to navigate, persons accusing me of being in a frat, I've stayed loyal to those who were for me and made moves for the benefit of the game moving forward

I may not have operated desperately but I have operated in the best interest my allies, myself and the game. Ive set aside beef with persons for the greater good.

When you vote think about all this. My lawyer and I have worked very hard to get here I don't think our hard work should be in vain. The court hasn't adjourned and I don't intend for my case to be adjourned. Judge Randomizer awaits your verdict and I hope you don't count me out yet.

Your honor I object to anyone trying to punch holes at my game. Overuled your honor section 9 a States that one shall be entitled to defend their game when it comes into questioning. Your honor this is getting heated I think we should go for a recess.

Press Arris button to find him guilty and send him to tengaged prison


Sent by Royaltyy,Jan 27, 2024
You say you remain loyal to your allies
Who were they? Lol
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Jan 27, 2024
Gl ❤️
Sent by AntonB,Jan 27, 2024

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