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Julie want HBIC Back in roblock chat!

6thJun 9, 2021 by Pampered81
This is Julie Bullock. Now too long ago in the Roblox chat, I was mod for a chat. I did one bad thing and got removed by daddydev. I was a good Mod and had a very good plan and ideas for the chat. I have more awesome ideas for the chat. I do not tell you because they are my ideas. I write protest so I can be mod again. I can put plans and ideas to work for the chat. I will try to be nice mood. When I was mod I felt that I was not excluded from the chat. I feel special too. If you all didn't know I was born with congenital heart disease and speech impairment that came with that. I have no wall around my heart and hole in my heart when was a baby and had lots of surgery to fix that problem. I am a miracle baby too there lots of times when I would not be here today. My last surgery was on May 26, 2006. As the child was picked on, name-calling, push or beat up, and teased too. This was all because I was born different. Even at 40 still get bully on social networks and Roblox too. There had been lots of people in Roblox chat that had to ignore me and it hurtful when all try to say hi. There lot of people that also don't reply in dm and block when just be nice. Some things people would be chibideidara and sometimes hash, and lots other people you know who you are. I sweet and caring person after getting to know me and also love to cheer people up too. So asking nicely please give me my mod power back and be let me be mod to chat again. If you don't give it back to me leave the chat and also block lots of people too.  This is also a poll too against Roblox Chat! To gain the mod position again!


Sent by Paige54,Jun 9, 2021
I did plus. Julie you deserve so much better.
Sent by Kelly2722,Jun 9, 2021
Sent by Russell11,Jun 9, 2021
Sent by Vancouver_Grizzlies,Jun 9, 2021
Sent by Joshbb17,Jun 9, 2021
Sent by Hash,Jun 9, 2021
Sent by jakehou97,Jun 9, 2021
Julie is the HBIC with the role or not. But she does deserve it
Sent by xcharliex,Jun 9, 2021
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Jun 9, 2021
Sent by ZacPed,Jun 9, 2021
Sent by doobee,Jun 9, 2021
Queen JULZ
Sent by tiffanox3,Jun 10, 2021
If you don't give it back to me leave the chat and also block lots of people too.
Sent by tiffanox3,Jun 10, 2021
make a petition on Pampered81
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 10, 2021

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