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Why do you have me block?

15thJul 7, 2021 by Pampered81
Here some history about me! It is not nice to mute someone that had a deal with bully her whole life as a child. I was excluded, pick on, name and sometimes I got beat up. I was a miracle baby there a lot of changes would not be here. Ignore and mute me it feels exclude and hurt my feeling. It is also disrespectful too. I am 40 years old and have a disability don't let me slow me down I am a secondary post student online get through Early childhood educations. I work on level 2 right now with help of friends and my accessibility from the college. I also have a youtube channel I have lots of mixed talents and learning Spanish through Duolingo. I deal with getting assignments are done to be, banned from a server, and be treated without kindness. I also have aid and strategies too that help me. I proved to family and friend don't matter how old you are and if have congenital heart disease and speech impairment or any disability you can get good educations and degree too. I don't give up that easy either. I have 6 nephews older go n 19 in October and 3 nieces. I loved them all.  I also deal with a family issue. My mom was a survivor of breast cancer I was just 20 when she got I quit my English to be with her but I was going back to school. My dm always opens like cheer people or they come to talk to me I good listen because of compassion side of personality. I also LDS. I know lots of people that LGBT so supports them and part orgs coms too. I loved playing Roblox too. I loved to cook, outdoor. farmer's daughter so loved all animals too. When people block and mute me it very disrespectful and hurt my feeling too.   I loved kids too. Seth what did I do to you. We used to chat, talk and give you gifts. We used to talk about all seasons of glee. It is very rude and hurtful too. Just want to tell you how to do in school and how the day is too. Just want to know how you are doing too. So give you still July 28 to unblock me?  @barbsteisand Barbrastreisand   You get the story about me too. You are disrespecting disabled women. Stop acting like a toddler and do something right! barbrastreisand So thinks what I am said and thinks what you doing too. It is wrong! It was nice to know you but need to stop acting like a toddler. One big pet peeve is ignored me / blocking too feel like be excluded.


I was asked to plus!
Sent by konohavillage1,Jul 7, 2021
barbrastreisand read blog and reply barbrastreisand
Sent by Pampered81,Jul 7, 2021
@barbsteisand you are a bitch
Sent by Finnick,Jul 7, 2021
barbrastreisand read blog and reply barbrastreisand
Sent by Zeptis,Jul 7, 2021

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