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Lex and Dj unfriend me on roblox!

May 15, 2021 by Pampered81
I am sorry that said go died but both of you exclude from playing Isle many times. I just want to be part of the fun and you both exclude me from it. It is more hurtful that you both would unfriend me on Roblox. I sorry said those things you guy had fun and not include me in your fun and your game. you made me feel that don't belong and hurt my self-esteem too. I deal with these issues all my life childhood I was excluded from things and bully and tease all because of speech impairment and disability when just want to be fit in this world like a normal person.  I have been to deal with problems even into adulthood too. I have also been overstressed these days just start a summer class just one observation and documentation class helps me in my practicum this fall. I also try to get back a business degree course too. Read this thinks what you did! lexeyjane kelly2722


I am sorry that said go died
Sent by gabrieltrezza,May 15, 2021
honestly Julie I don’t like either of them bitches either so I got you
Sent by DaddyDev,May 15, 2021
it's okay lexeyjane defends her pedophile friend, you dont want her in your life
Sent by AlexaVonTrayne,May 15, 2021
careful now baby AlexaVonTrayne
Sent by DaddyDev,May 15, 2021
Sent by sjsoccer88,May 15, 2021
and I didn’t like when u told me to die either Julie! I asked u to stop saying hurtful things like that to us just because kelly2722 and I were playing a roblox game. we decided to unfriend u on roblox so u wouldn’t see when we were playing our game and send us those kind of rude messages. u never even asked to play and we play and talk with you all the time. and u play without us too a lot and that’s ok. we’re both happy to friend u back if u quit with the death threats for playing a game. love u Jules but I don’t take that kind of behaviour from my friends!
Sent by lexeyjane,May 15, 2021
thanks for apology Julie we will refriend u
Sent by lexeyjane,May 15, 2021
like rlly a blog julie
Sent by Kelly2722,May 15, 2021
It i am sorry to both you
Sent by Pampered81,May 15, 2021

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