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Happy 39th Birthday To me April 2

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Tanya is rude and she banned me from discord chat! Oct 7, 2022
I know it was you that kicked me from the slut4jesus chat and banned too. I hope bad luck comes to you and oo forward to TikTok videos that not go be nice toward you.  You are disrespectful to a 41-year-old that had congenital heart disease and speech impairment too. I also have anxiety too.  You are very rude and hope bad things come to you during this Halloween month. That is rude and that bully to Tanya when kicked people from the server for no reason. I will send my TikTok family to you and live with my family too for bullying. You are in trouble and  next time you are in star  will tell everyone to vote you out.
I been kicked, banned unfriended, and betray but a lot since skype TikTok, and discord just because I am born different and because I am 41 years old too. I have anxiety issues too and congenital heart disease. I have been bullied from time as a child to even now at 41. I strong young woman who proved to the doctor that I can talk walk and grow up. I am proving to friends and family that I can get lots of education n different studies even with a disability.  Like in Bambi when thumper said if have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.
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Julie's 41th Birthday Day April 2, 1981 Apr 3, 2022
imageHi This is Pampered81. She was not happy to be up 5 am to made breakfast and get ready and be ready for my taxi too. Taxi came 6:20 took me to walmart for my shift as greeter. I chill in my staff room still time sign in for work. I was working still 7 am-3pm and got 15 min break, then hour lunch and last 15. I meet my new co-manager and she is sweet and was give easter mum with sweet card close to end of shift. Then grab all stuff before that sign out bought vanilla round cake very good. Then I was pick up by my dear parents and when to their house. I had little nap and i had awesome dinner of steak potatotes and corn. I have leftover too. I had slice of my cake before dad put on candle light them and blow out only one last so blow second time. I start cutting it put dad took over because i was not sure how big to cut and how to cut. I also got lots cool gift boxes of kinder eggs, kinder eggs big one, hover star 360 toy and lifesize siberian wolf stuffed animal.
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Edgar Dev Heather Sep 1, 2021
Edgar is be rude and exclude by not let back to the Roblox chat when let need to leave I said would be back. We all in to this world be inclusive to everyone either is they different and accept everyone that mean  no banned someone from ROBLOX chat. Dev you knew i was come back and told need leave i plan to come back. I want back in to the chat. Stop be bully and exclude people. It hurt their feeling alots. Heather never threaten my job or my educations. I am awesome with kids. I had 6 nephews and 3 nieces and love them all. This what heather said to me earlier today it was disrespectful and threaten too. LEAVE EVERYONE ALONE OR I WILL EMAIL THE COLLEGE AND TELL THEM YOU ARE CYBERSTALKING AND HARASSING PEOPLE. what heather just said
report heather discord
she was be rude
jesus christ, Julie, go away and get some help
[2:40 PM]
I will tell Lethbridge College on you if you don't get help.
like, everyone, she goes to Lethbridge college and is going to be in the Early Childhood Education program. Write them and say she is not stable. said this too  I hope you all will grow up and learn how important inclusive is in society these day. DaddyDev Chameleon777
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Ece level 2 college online classes & first practicum this sept. Aug 30, 2021
Hi this is Pampered81/Julie. I am post secondary Early childhood education program level 2 online student at the Lethbridge college. It is fall again! The time that classes start up again. I am in total 3 classes this fall. One of those classes is my first practicum 120 hrs. I am doing with the Ymca Redwood Childcare Center that only few block away from where I lived. I going be working with 12 month old baby to 2 year old with my supervisor that will be watch me and help me also teaching me during my practicum. I also in two early childhood classes. I am very scary but also very excited for my practicum too. I hope grained more experiences and knowledge during my practicum. I also hope learned new stuff with these two classes that I taking. I hope do awesome in practicum and awesome on my two courses this term. The name of those two course that taking that are ECE classes are 1156 Development through play and 1168 Children outdoor play. IT time get have aid to help me with my assignment and strategies help me too in my courses. My practicum don't start still sept 27 go still Dec 10.  I plan work 8 hrs. shift at the childcare. My other two classes will be done in Dec 2021.  I hope can not get stress out as much as did in my one summer class. These classes are going be more demanding and be try to focus my time more on my assignment and class and less on discord and skype. Roblox too. I will find time do YouTube video and Tiktok too. I also working on running Tupperware business too.
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Feeling about people that exclude from the chat by not talk to me or ignore me! Aug 16, 2021
I have this happen a lot in many chats but mainly happen in Nerd herd. When lee is on and decided to chat in nerd herd. I will try to say hi or etc he will just ignore talk around me. As a child was excluded and was isolated lots in childhood and bully lots too. I just want to be in an inclusive environment and be treated with kindness and love. I want to feel like I belong. I don't feel like belong in the nerd herd Seth and Lee never answer me at all talk around in chat by excluded in the conversion. This is very rude and disrespectful too. It also happens in Roblox chat lots too.  So everyone respects my feeling and don't exclude me or isolate me. Just said hi to me I  want to feel that I am love and I belong.
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Vote me out! Jul 18, 2021
I did hunting for tribe and try very hard on comp I was told to play. I been long time since play those comp. You all could vote someone else out of game no you vote me and this is first survivor game. I have never play tengaged survivor still now. I hope you all get vote off!  That rude to attack disability women for get bad score and have congenital heart disease and speech impairment. She don't play tengaged that much she have more important stuff to do that focus on her school courses and work.

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