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Feeling about people that exclude from the chat by not talk to me or ignore me!

Aug 16, 2021 by Pampered81
I have this happen a lot in many chats but mainly happen in Nerd herd. When lee is on and decided to chat in nerd herd. I will try to say hi or etc he will just ignore talk around me. As a child was excluded and was isolated lots in childhood and bully lots too. I just want to be in an inclusive environment and be treated with kindness and love. I want to feel like I belong. I don't feel like belong in the nerd herd Seth and Lee never answer me at all talk around in chat by excluded in the conversion. This is very rude and disrespectful too. It also happens in Roblox chat lots too.  So everyone respects my feeling and don't exclude me or isolate me. Just said hi to me I  want to feel that I am love and I belong.


I love you julz ❤️
Sent by systrix,Aug 16, 2021
Hey Julie ^,^
Sent by FlamingJojo,Aug 16, 2021
peace123 please read if you care!
Sent by Pampered81,Aug 17, 2021

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