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Tengaged is a new online social game, meet new friends playing in the Big Brother game, Survivor and the new Online Hunger games, with nominations, challenges, evictions and much more.
make new friends and play
Nominate & Evict Create your alliances, nominate other participants and avoid getting evicted from the game.
Multiplayer online game Participate on Big Brother and other reality games, create your blog and meet new people while playing.
BB UK & BB USA While progressing on the game you may enter into new Big brother games based on USA or UK rules
Survivor Survivor game with tribes competitions and challenges, tribal councils, tribe merges and drama.
Online Hunger Games Participate in the online hunger games and kill all your opponents. Only one can survive.
Make new friends Play with real people, real friends, real enemies... this is the first reality online chat game.

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I just ruined someone's family at work?

16 splozojames50, Sep 14, 2020

So today at work (as a server) I get a table. The system my restaurant has uses like printed tickets whenever we get a table and it has like allergies and preferences inputted into the system over numerous visits so if u have a regular you can see some info on them and anticipate their needs.
I look at the ticket for this table. it specifically reads "wife has SEVERE dairy allergy"
i look at the table its a man woman and two kids... the "husband" is the landlord of the building
so i get their drinks in and then take their order. the woman orders biscuits which have a shitton of dairy and butter so i go "oh im aware you have a dairy allergy..." and im..


I just read the Facebook comments

5 Timster, Sep 13, 2020

On the Big Brother official page where they posted a video of Day and Bay's speech on Thursday. Damn old white people REALLY hate black people huh? They don't even try to hide it. And I cackled at the first profile I clicked on was someone with a Trump hat. Of course...
I mean they're saying shit like "I'm so sick of blacks thinking the world owes them everything!"
"White lives matter they are racist"
Y'all will never truly understand how it feels to be black and see how much pure hatred old white people have for your people online. They're almost ALWAYS old and white. To the point where you question if the old white lady you smiled at at the grocery store was..


Besides white people, black people,

37 Timster, Sep 14, 2020

men, and lgbt which group of people have been irking your nerves lately? I'm omitting the 4 groups because they're basic answers and I wanna see a new community get dragged for once. Also leave political parties out of it!
Lately fat people have been getting on my nerves. Specifically fat women. Constantly shaming skinny women to lift other fats up. Telling skinny women that being called skinny as an insult is nothing compared to being called fat as an insult. These fat bitches make themselves out to be the biggest victims in the world as if they didn't choose to be this way. The groups above didn't decide to be born their race or sex. But YOU decided to be fat. Lose weight or stop..


do my eyes deceive me

8 jacksonjoseph99, Sep 14, 2020

or does a conf*rmed pedoph*le have... babyshark ... as their username? i've heard that's #wwemrpeeps and that is a song for FULL ASS TODDLERS. concerned.


It’s so good

4 Kelly2722, Sep 14, 2020

Bryan getting 15th followed by Tyler getting 14th. Perfection. Mwah.


its kinda interesting

5 splozojames50, Sep 14, 2020

to compare and contrast how "BIG MOVES" are praised/valued/actually rewarded on survivor and big brother nowadays. both shows highly overvalue big moves and having some kind of "resume" yet time and again social bonds rule supreme yet nobody wants to say so and will label juries as bitter as a coverup before admitting it. (with the producers having a vested interest in doing so in order to have more exciting tv)
yet with big brother recently its weird because i feel like they want to have their cake and eat it too. ppl will yap and yap over bitter juries and big moves yet every (recent-ish) season all we get are these big mob alliances where the pecking order hardly..


when was the last time

5 splozojames50, Sep 14, 2020

we had a twist that wasnt just a lame excuse for cbs to have a comp on the sunday ep? its kind of comical at this point for a show whose motto is “expect the unexpected” how predictable their twists that “shake up the game like never before!!!1!” are
ofc im saying this the one week where the lame twists actually did (somewhat) shake up the game but stil!!


Please plus

9 chris2pei, Sep 14, 2020

This is for mrkk game, tysm. Happy to return favor xx


Got TV Star!

13 saxonmath, Sep 14, 2020

idk what number I am, but it's been 10 long years.
As a no name user and someone who doesn't like to put himself in the spotlight, ily all. I haven't even joined stars lmao. So, here are some honorable names/friends I have made throughout the past couple of years.
jakehou97 for being my #1
... and more people I forgot bc I don't have a lot of friends on this site LMAO
The OG survivor alliance with my highest merge streak,..


Survivor: Puerto Rico!

5 nmh95, Sep 14, 2020
Who are you rooting for to take it all the way?
Conrad // _Groot
Malibu // Chic
David // David2560
Kyle // Kgamer2218
Jake B // MonkeyBoy94
Daniel // Natepresnell
Sam // s73100
King // Shawnlolpop123
Scott // sjsoccer88
Tyler // Tbart
Mona Tribe: RED
Jessica // Irelia
Johnny // johnny5599
Peter // Letal
Nolan // mysterygame2
Billy // Rocker917
Matt // smuguy2012

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Voting to save Brandonator? Its more likely than you think. Give me another chance in this game, I want to continue playing this game for all of America (and other parts of the world). Every vote to save me is a vote to save me, thank you =-]


I sought to change up my first stars game and was ultimately able to do some damage already against the 7 MEMBER PREMADE over the last few rounds. Vote to evict BRANDONATOR who is in said premade out of this game so I can continue fighting! #SAVECHILI