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What happened with all of these bans?

1 jakehou97, May 31, 2018

Approximately ~50 days ago...all of the people I noticed involved were actively involved in group games...
I'm sure I'm missing many others (who else was banned??)...but why did this happen :((


Survivor: Friends vs. Fans (Blood vs. Water)..

12 Kidcool404, Nov 4, 2017

Sorry about edits and what not. Try to pay no mind to them. Uh... again, episodes will come out as I have free time and just like... idk. Don't read into shit too deep -shrug- Comments/plusses appreciated!
The Friends’ tribe headed down to their beach right away. The group was split by Twothree in the front with Immaxy and Obey while the others kind of followed behind. It had unintentionally seemed that those three had bonded enough just by becoming what appeared to be leaders. They got to camp and really had no clue where to start. There was all this toss up of who should do what – should they try and start a fire? Should they try and set up a shelter? Should they split the work and do both? Should someone fill up their water now? Should they ration their water? The Friends tribe had no idea what the hell they were doing.
“I don’t mind getting water for everybody.” Immaxy took off. “But while I do that I suggest we start working on a shelter. Christ knows how hard it’ll start raining when it does.” Immaxy took off.
CONFESSIONAL FROM IMMAXY: “It is kinda rough… hearing that you’ll almost get voted out on day one by a first impressions twist. Like… what do they think I can’t provide them? What will it take for me to prove myself as worthy around here?”
Thumper is seen sitting down talking to Dee. They’re having a good discussion about whether or not they’d keep their vote the same had it been a tribal council now that they’re seeing everybody work. “I mean, from the few conversations I’ve had,” Thumper looked at Dee. “I really bond with you, Babe, and Liam. But – that stays between us.” She shot her a look. “I’m serious.”
“Of course! But likewise. I think… we need me, you, and Babe to work together. If we get Liam, he’s a fourth vote. One more and we’re set because that’s the majority. So we just have to make sure we work together while keeping those two feeling in control.” Dee chuckled as she looked back at Babe flirting with Liam. Liam was completely into whatever she had to offer.
CONFESSIONAL FROM THUMPER: “Here’s what’s different from Immaxy’s game and mine. It was a 4 to 3 to 3 vote. I /could/ be just as equally upset with it as he is. Will that do me any good? Will fretting about what happened today allow me to excel? She’s thinking in the past. If she doesn’t let go… she can’t move forward. And I’m at peace with that.
Twothree and Bella were collecting firewood while Obey and Lions were gathering bamboo for a shelter. “Y’know…” Lions was lifting, out of breath. “I think it’s kinda fucked that the girls are just sitting around, and Liam is flaunting all about them.”
“I mean, I could sit on my ass too but…” Bella had to stop and catch her breath. “It’s just frustrating. Like I’m about to build a..


Survivor: Friends vs. Fans (Blood vs. Water)..

15 Kidcool404, Nov 3, 2017

Hello Tengaged and welcome to Survivor: Fans vs. Friends. The format of this season is Blood vs. Water. I renamed the tribes Fans and Friends – fans due to being fans of Survivor/Brant and being the one to comment first, and then Friends because you’re the “bloodline” friend they tagged. Good luck, here’s to a rocky season (I already ran through the brant and made a chart. I’ll leak those at the end of the “season” ;) ). Enjoy! Sorry this is taking so long to do - college is really fuckin' me over and this is a side project so... priorities.
“Hello, hello, hello.” Kidcool404, the host, is talking as he stands on a ship in the middle of an ocean. “Today we have a gathering of Survivor Fanatics and their dearest friends.” The camera pans and switches around to the blue tribe, the Fans, and the pink tribe, the Friends. “Friends, how many of you have seen Survivor before?” A woman with blonde hair and a pink, long sleeved shirt on raised her hand. She looked around and only two other people have raised their hands. “What’s your name?” Kid pointed to her.
“Immaxyman.” Immaxyman spoke up.
“Do you think that admitting to watching before could be an advantage?” Kid questioned.
“It’s a double edged sword. I mean watching it, I know what to expect, what to prepare for… that’s a huge advantage. But by me openly admitting that I have this knowledge,” She looked around, “me and these other two could be targeted because we know what’s going on.”
“Friends, let me ask you this: do you think you’re working with or against your partner?” Kid spoke to them as a group again. He watched as a few hands from the Friends’ tribe rose. He heard a few snickers from the Fans tribes. “That is most definitely NOT the case… Fans, how many of you have seen Survivor Blood vs. Water?” All of their hands rose. “That’s no surprise. Do you think that’s an advantage, you, in the green shirt and glasses.”
“I – well I’m confused.” Pizzawithcookirs was who Kid was speaking to. “Shouldn’t…?” He was thinking about the opening twist.
“Ahh! A true fan… well, if you want to bring it up,” Kid cut him off. “Sure, let’s get to it. Fuck the introduction.” Kid started to hand out slabs and pens. “Friends, if you have no clue what’s happening… you’re choosing someone to send home. Right. Now.” He finished handing out the slabs and everybody opened them up. “On the first part of your slab is a picture of everybody currently on your tribe and their name is below their picture. Write their name down on the slab – no talking from here on out. One minute starting now. Good luck.” Kid waited about a minute and then announced the Friends would be revealing first. He went right down the line they were sitting in. “You in the black with the black eyes. What’s your name, who did..



43 Davidftw123, Apr 10, 2015

and i'll guess your color level without looking
#coolnarwhal88 - Green - is black
#gloss13 - Gold  - is sky
#GoodKaren - Orange? - is Yellow
#DanielleDonato - TV star - is TV star
#SydneyWalsh - Gold? - is brown
TheBlackDog - white
ItsAustin - Blood
babebee - Gold
Justunreal - TV star DAMN i was WAYYY off
FighterMan - Sky :/
kasey2011 - Green
brandonpinzu - red ????
Ashleybabyx3 - Blood
NewOrleansPelicans - Green or Blue
useamint - TV star
Pegasus1234 - Black
JasonXtreme - not TV star that's for sure
Music - TV star
NEXT - Blue
AndrewIsBored - Orange
Blix - Green
1Swampy8 - sky
Kaseyhope101 - purple
Claud - Green
joaquint561 - Green
harrywasnak - Red
Jilbert - Yellow?
k4r4k - TV star LOL
ManniBoi - Brown
oreo270 - Blue?
Coco2846 - Black
Dhucking_Quacks - TV star
Matt64 - Red or Purple
Padfoot - Blood

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