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Eviction 12 - (Vote to EVICT)

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


Save me all Kim Spradlin stans or Keesha Smith stans or all random people!!! Look at my horrible avi, I need the pool prize most!!! I never beg for gifts and I do all your spams, let the good deeds save me. THANK YOU 😋


UNNOMMED until now. I survived 25 evictions and never touched the block. Evict anyone but me sweeties so I can continue slaying!
P.S. Today's my birthday ❤ big 20


I have been FLAVORED in this game... I am the NUMBER ONE name in this game and I can never catch a break with my good sweet sister iybf. Please EVICT ONE OF THE OTHER TWO. VOTE IN YOUR ACTUAL ELECTIONS FIRST THOUGH!!!!!!


  1. WannaBeeFriendsSAM HAS BEEN EVICTED.
  2. looanagl
  3. WannaBeeFriends152 votes. Goodluck.
  4. MidiawVoted
  5. Natepresnellsaved Sam
  6. bibblesvoted
  7. Queen7Voted
  8. EricCabelloSaved Sam... Sorry.
  9. SabrinaRayexxxvoted
  10. TesterVoted!
  11. Kiara_xoxoI wish y’all told me who y’all voted for so I counter it
  12. J4ckWilkoVoted
  13. pongaVoted!
  14. MiarmaHere for cherry
  15. shellbelleVoted :)
  16. Hongvotedd
  17. Christian__Voted
  18. EtienneVoted.
  19. Gominaivoted
  20. ouijakeVoted!
  21. VessasVoted
  22. NewNightmare7Votdd
  23. Carriexoxo24xovoted, gl guys
  24. kaylee21Saved my boo thang (he knows exactly who he is <3)
  25. woeismevoted
  26. CromatiqueVoted
  27. JamesluVoted!
  28. gaga4andrewVoted
  29. kingjames13Saved evictionfreak
  30. cheritaisdeliciousvoted
  31. CodyyVoted to evict S73100
  32. DecisionsVoted
  33. giovannimaxromaVoted
  34. StandByMe89Voted
  35. Paige54i mean to save my wife not to evict
  36. yachjVoted
  37. Paige54voted my wife
  38. CoachWadeVoting to help Oliver
  39. Kelly0412voted to evict s73100
  40. Yawnhavoted to evict s73100
  41. CheapCheepbye someone
  42. ILoveLarryvoted
  43. looanavoted :o
  44. LetalNate was sheepish, so I'm leaning towards voting him out
  45. Shawnlolpop123Evicted Oliver
  46. WannaBeeFriendsThe housemate with the most votes will be EVICTED!