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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is StandByMe89

Hiya!! My name is Jorge!! I'm from Buffalo, NY. I’m a huge Bills fan. I come from a Hispanic and Italian background. I’m 31 years old. I am a cancer sign, according to the zodiac. As a person, I'm a very fun-loving, caring and giving individual. In games, I'm a huge competitor. I’m real and raw, and am very loyal to those who I ally myself with. Any questions? Feel free to message me :)

People I gifted:

Some nice things people have sayed about me:

Fantastic Ally, we have to join again,I feel awful about evicting you:( by austino15fffan

Lol ily by WillyEx

We go back a long ways. I honestly considered backdooring you at F6. I could tell that you were playing the no blood game and figured that you were saving up for final POV. I'm glad I didn't haha by MMAjunkieX

Stand, u were an awesome ally and it was great working with u, hope to work with u again sometime soon by bluba164

In the final 4 alliance. We made final 3 but Bailey had to leave, glad you made it this far! :) by Michaelf1114

Love you, had your back the whole game by Robby297

stand, you were awesome to chat with! had to vote you out in the last round though :l by holytouch

We go way back.. I feel bad I couldn't choose you but you are a great ally and such a great guy. Thanks for your vote by MikeRORO

grats standbyme i'm so happy youre not a lying hoe anymore lol :3 great game and glad you stayed loyal by Kopycat

ily bro thats all i got i said i wasnt going to be loyal to the chat and i would be loyal to u and melindaa by Legendary

Stand great game also man :( but legend is one of the reasons i am here since he didnt nom me and he got roro out!!! by Roshy

Stand you are really loyal was hoping that you could get final 2 with me possibly you ended up having the worst hoh by joshlyn34

Stand, taking you just didn't sit right with me although I thought that's what I would do yesterday. We are even from our first 2 games and can start fresh now :) by Bowler23

Stand......YOU ARE THE BOMB <3 Always got your back by Vindaloo

You are awesome we worked great together man! by AlaskanFireDragon

stand you were a beast as well and btw #trolllince by bigtf200

played a hell of a game and sad to see you go out 5th by WhosYourDaddy

i love you stand i saved you <33 i hope you vote for me by Sabotage

Sorry. You spoiled our alliance so I hate to take you out since you were a threat. Tie-breaker killed ya. Hopefully you'll forgive me, least ya made pay-outs by CheapCheep

Stand, you are so trustworthy and I can trust you anytime of my life! I loved working with you hope we can do it again! You are such an amazing guy with a great personality! by moneymeyer4

My first alliance buddy from the start! So glad we got here! We worked this game! by fun_snoofle

stand, I really enjoyed playing with you. kept you but it was either you or me :( by likevines20

Stand- you deserved to make it farther sorry but i evicted you because u lost the number game GG sorry u didnt make money #trolliance by cjfast11

tbh your fratmate screwed our alliance over. I had to do what I had to do and hopefully we can play in other games by McBenjamin

This was the hardest vote for me to do =/. But because Jeff says he always gets 5th, and ACF saying he voted Jeff, I had to let Algo decide who was going, sorry it was you =/ by Hannah_ Parks

Stand – I love you!!!!!!! Keep your head up, always <3 by Mikedistanz

It was nice working with you in this game too. You did a really good job. You are definitely a fierce competitior by skyler1822

our past history has been fuzzy, you have gone against me but bro u earned my trust back. thank you so much for staying loyal you are a great guy. by bigbrotherlover7

Stand, good game you played well. I dont know why I have f5 pov because the last one I did was m3.... by survivorparv123

Your a great sport for understanding when I nominated you:) so glad you survived that:( horrible that we were nommed together by Maroon5

Rough choice, you were aligned with the people after me, and you also nommed my main alliance by Negasub

Stand - Idk if you're mad at me or something but I've been loyal to you all the time , sucks we went up against each other by Regularise

NOOOOO :( u were nommed against me by Cooperr

StandByme- I nommed you because I thought you evicted me. :( really sorry. by TestTickles

stand, sorry again, but firebird had asked me for a final 2 earlier in this game by Seemlyrough

standby me im so sorry you are a great guy no hard feelings about how you nommed me love you by Firebird4

You are a great competitor but you evicted Maggie f6? And Im not really sure why,...good game though man! by Spo7584

Jorge i probably wont be receiving your vote but you are a really cool dude. I voted for you to stay and wanted Josh gone after he called me out. WE have made final five together before and i enjoy you as a player because you don't back stab and are loyal to your alliance by Wwxcrunner1


Stand we have a long past that most have no clue about...It wasn't personal but much like you I had to do what I had to do to protect the people I gave my word to...Simple as that... by NexusCain

Stand- We were aligned for a majority of the game, but you were nommed against my frat mate. So I had to save him :/ by Shadowman

Jorge, It was either me or you, and I'm sorry it had to be you. Glad we got to catch up a little bit :D by Kyliejay

i love ya but ur on other side:( by cfff

Stand--Jorge!--I am glad to have met you here on the website, and that our buffalonian ties are strong! LOL! Have you ever had beef on weck? best sandwich ever! by jhelsdon2478

hey Jorge I'm truly sorry for nomming u I'm
Sure u realize it was my only way to make finals I rlly am sorry and hope even if u don't vote for me we can remain friends. Ily bro by Alanb1

STAND BY ME, WEXLER! Ha. We'll always have Urban Legend. by Jennifer

standbyme- we didnt talk as much, but you seemed genuine, you made jury grats. by Matthew09

STANDBYME- im sorry how things turned out, however if ONLY i knew u better than i know for sure we would make an amazing team :( ur a great guy by karim

Stand- putting you up was the hardest thing i had to do all game:( You are such a good person and it just came down to who i knew more and i dont know you that well, i wish i did!Skype me sometime and we can talk:) by Donagal103

stand you always get far we didnt tallked much.. by Elvira

stand- i had my f2 with lance but after her you were my most trusted. gg man. by burkett8975

Stand-You were so nice, hope we play again soon, sucks you went 2-0 by mastropolo

Another Fuck up on my Part Jorge I love you to death And I was SHOCKED! you left I give Kane Credit Because he literally kept staying every round you def got Robbed by Token

Jorge- youll always be my boy blue! by JeffWinger

STANDBYME, i did save u at the end! This final 4 was fucking fabulous and i was obsessed with it. Love ya, add me as a friend! #yaytonewfriends by titoburitto

StandByMe - Thank you for being #TeamLoyal it was wonderful playing with you and meeting you! Glad we all made it this far by SmoothTalker12

You were robbed and I already explained on skype that it was 4-0! :( Love playing with you and you were so robbed! by betsyxmasbaby

STAND: I nominated you here, I didn't want you to go though. I would've done anyone else but like most of them didn't nominate me (Not saying that you would!). This was definitely such a tough decision, you are such a nice guy :) by J2999

You're a great ally and I'm sorry I voted you out :(. I love working with you and can't wait to play again! #LoyalAF by joey96

#StandByMe: A pleasure to work with. Very loyal and very cool. Someone I met on Tengaged recently who I've come to really like. Loved playing with you and sad we had to face off on eviction night by BrendaMeekz

STANDBYME, the Brenda to my Natalie. I wish you had survived longer. You deserved it. I was the victim. #sharon by rozlyn

Stand, you always deserve better :( i hope you win soon by nikki47

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My Games 248 games played

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