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Pandora’s Panic

In the city of New York, gods and goddesses have made this their home. Adapting to life and fitting into their roles to keep society moving has been easy for most, but there is a change coming. Monsters have been attacking the city recently, some of which were locked away to never see the light of day. With these creatures released only one group can save the people of New York. Will they be able to and trap the released evil or will whoever did this get away with their sinister plan?

Kimon Almos 💤(Bigdizzleyomama)
Gunter Alver ⚔️(Bigdizzleyomama)
Dinlas Hellverent 🤪 (Bigdizzleyomama)
Dara Dunst 🌌 (Symmetry888)
Amaya Shades 🌃 (Maya10)
Angelica "Angie" Korhonen 🌈 (Demgirl6)
Liana Zorra 😘 (Ajathekween)
Cameron Mason 🏠 (Giraffez)
Graham Stathakis ⚒ (Sirniceguy)
Kaleb Khillier 🦠 (Coolkat)
Genesis Olethros 💅🏻(Dvs194)
Louis 'Lou' Key / Jane Foster 😈 (Scarelet)
Alec Delphi 🏹(Rain848)
Annabelle "Anna" Delphi 🐾 (Tizian)
Nakia Oswald  💀 (Spinfur)
Akua Higurashi ⛈ (Nateclove)
Hades Harkin 🔥 (Rain848)
Misha Sampat 🍷 (Mitsuki)
Madeus "Maddy" Spring 🔮 (Igoddess)
Kenneth Opochtli 🐺 (Coolbrandonman)
Vanessa Marshall ⚖️ (Kinggeek)
Martin Thomas 🗡 (Hudspith)
Caspian "Cas" Perez 🥰(Razzberryjuice)

Niall Brontes- Poisoned by Dinlas
Amara Dupont- Crushed by Rubble
Cecilia Dupont- Crushed by Rubble

Episode 1: Open The Box
Episode 2: The Lost Maze
Episode 3: The Sinister Sisters
Episode 4: This is War

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Pandora’s Panic

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