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13 days 19 hours ago
Amara’s Powers:
- Energy Weapon Creation
-Sense when someone has died
- Aura reading
13 days 19 hours ago
Cecilia’s Powers:
- Summon a magical staff that doubles as a threader
-Precognition for brief periods
- Travel back in time but cannot interact with what she sees.
10 days 7 hours ago
Hades’ Powers:
8 days 17 hours ago
Misha’s Powers:
- Vine Manipulation
- Superstrength
- Can cause enemies to be put in a drunken state so they are weakened
- Can bring the dead back to life (Host Permission)
5 days 13 hours ago
Kenneth’s Powers:
-Space travel
- Star Manipulation
- Superstrength
- Enhanced Senses
5 days 13 hours ago
Dara’s Powers:
- Space Travel
- Regeneration for themself
- Void Manipulation
5 days 9 hours ago
Gunter’s Powers:
- Superstrength
- Feeds off the hate around him
- Intimidation factor to get information
- Weapon Generation
5 days 3 hours ago
Maddy’s Powers:
- Can see briefly into the future
- Raise dead to fight for her
-Dead can talk through her body briefly
-Energy Blasts
3 days 11 hours ago
Vanessa’s Powers:
- Tychokinesis
- Can place curses on others
- Ability to change someone’s destiny
- Manipulate light and shadow
2 days 14 hours ago
Martin’s Powers:
- Invisibility
- Shield manifesting
- War analysis to find best attacks
- can analysis creatures after battle to gain information

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