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23 days 16 hours ago
I’ll be mailing people about powers and such. Feel free to make connections with other characters or pming me about ideas for your character! I’m gonna keep apps open until around Thanksgiving time and then start sometime late November early December hopefully.

What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken):
23 days 15 hours ago
Name: Dara Dunst
Age(20-30): 24
Pronouns: They/Them
Sexuality: Fluid
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Chaos, god of the void
Personality: Mischievous, dark-humored, mysterious, adventurous.
Bio: Dara's a drifter, moving from one job to another. Currently their job is working for the tabloids, snapping photos of moments that should never be revealed. They have some level of association with nearly all the gods and goddesses, but they don't do a great job in keeping in touch and rarely stick around long enough to make real connections.
Fc: Quintessa Swindell
23 days 15 hours ago
Name: Amaya Shades
Age(20-30): 23
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: straight
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Nyx, Goddess of Night
Personality: friendly, hard-headed, fierce
Bio: Has the love for the nights, Amaya works at the Planetarium, teaching the love for the galaxy and planets. She does however have a hard edge where some slight things might annoyed her.

Fc: Alice Englert
23 days 14 hours ago
Name: Angelica "Angie" Korhonen
Age(20-30): 22
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Pansexual
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Iris, goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods
Personality: Intelligent, whimsical, vengeful, aloof
Bio: Angie's a bit of an oddball - she's never tried all that hard to fit into her new home, but her oddities have more or less worked out in her favor considering New York's... well... New York. She's one of the more difficult deities to find, always flitting around the city and getting up to something or another - but if there's ever a message that needs sending or a storm that's just fading, she'll be there. Somehow. And she'll also be texting several different people about it, even if they don't care and are threatening to block her for the 50th time because she won't stop sending them videos of her doing latte art for some reason...?
(Blocking her won't work. It never works.)
Fc: Aurora Aksnes
23 days 8 hours ago
Name: Liana Zorra
Age(20-30): 21
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Sexuality: Pansexual
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Aphrodite goddes of love, lust, beauty, pleasure
Personality: Care-Free, Flirty, Vein, Bubbly, Quirky
Bio: Liana is none the less the more high maintenance of the group and is a hopeless romantic. She often wants to settle down and to find the right person but often gets delusional from her expectations which makes her cautious. Running a beauty salon in New York she doesn’t do the obvious of what of what you think her deity would do but she is one of the more easier ones to know. Liana does involve herself in more sexual romance but often has genuine love for the rest of her fellow deities. They are the only family she has truly and she doesn’t want anything to happen to them.
Fc: Barbie Ferreira
23 days 2 hours ago
Name:Cameron Mason
Age(20-30): 27
Pronouns: he/she/they
Sexuality: gay
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Hestia Goddess of the home hearth
Personality: the physical epitomy of the mom friend
Bio: till the time of the changes Cameron loved their job among the gods and goddesses making sure everyone was taken care of even giving their seat with the others to be close to their fire on olympus making sure everyone was given their offerings from the mortals now in the new world they mostly work in a school by day making sure the young are always cared for and happy at night they do a similar thing but for the grown they go by Hestia as she performs for crowds of people for their entertainment and guidence of others just like her.
Fc: Pythia
21 days 2 hours ago
Name: Graham Stathakis
Age(20-30): 25
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Demisexual
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Hephaestus, god of fire, smithing, craftsmen and sculpture.
Personality: Cold, quiet, bitter, antisocial, constantly pondering why he's still here.
Bio: Graham is here to ask one very important question: "Why won't you just leave me alone?" Graham's worked various odd jobs under different names usually relating to his talents with building and fixing things, though he's recently taken to becoming an artist and is in the middle of an emo phase. His work has made him happier than anything involving his fellow Gods ever has, and though he wouldn't want anything to ever happen to them, sometimes he just wishes he could get far, far away from them.
Fc: Samuel Larsen
20 days 23 hours ago
Name: Kaleb Khillier
Age(20-30): 27
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Pansexual
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Achlys - Goddess of poisons
Personality: reserved, gloomy, impulsive, irreverent, and mystical
Bio: Kaleb often keeps to himself, often not engaging in conversations with people due to the sanction of making them depressed with his demeanor and speech. He often acts upon his impulses and is moreso of a ‘do before you think’ as the consequences often have little effect on him until after the consequence has already been exhausted. He often doesn’t see the big issue at hand and doesn’t really care for that matter, but will still help those he feels close with, even if he can’t see the problem they are facing. Due to not engaging with anyone, he doesn’t really have friends so therefore no one is helped by him… usually.
Fc: Regé-Jean Page
20 days 16 hours ago
Name: Genesis Olethros
Age(20-30): 30
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Straight
What God are they? Hera, goddess of women, marriage and childbirth
Personality: Determined, vindictive, proud, manipulative, charismatic, cunning
Bio: When she first arrived in New York, Genesis’ life looked very different. Married to Niall Brontes, the two rose up the money hierarchy of the city through their business Titan Peak, quickly joining the upper crust of New York City business moguls. However, Genesis quickly learned that Niall’s infidelity had continued into their new life, and with that came even more bastards and insults to her pride. Deciding enough was enough, she went for his bag, filing for divorce and ruthlessly taking any money and other assets she could, leaving him with about 1/3 of their shared assets by the time everything was said and done. Leaving him to the chief operating duties of Titan Peak (while maintaining her cash flow from it, obviously), she set out to discover what her new purpose was. Now, having mastered multiple forms of weaponry and martial arts, she spends her time as a contractor specializing in teaching men the errors of their ways… typically through violence.
Fc: Lesley-Ann Brandt
20 days 9 hours ago
Name: Louis 'Lou' Key / Jane Foster
Age(20-30): 25
Pronouns: He/Him/She/Hers (Gender Fluid)
Sexuality: Grey-Asexual
What God are they?: Loki the trickster god
Personality: Mischievous, insecure, manipulative
Bio: Louis came to New York simply to have fun and cause problems. You see, for Lou, these pranks and schemes served as a way to distract him from his insecurities and unhappiness with his life. He never felt like he fit in back in asgard, he was always different than the others. Lou wanted to be more than himself. That's how his alter ego Jane Foster was born, he was originally going to name her Lois but his brother is highly insulted by the MCU making a female he said let there be feminism. Lou feels most confident as Jane, and she's definitely come in handy with his latest shenanigans.
Fc: David castro & Kaitlyn Leeb
20 days ago
Name: Alec Delphi
Age(20-30): 27
Pronouns:  He/Him
Sexuality: Bi
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Apollo
Personality: Charming, Conceited, Logical, Ambitious
Bio: Alec has been traveling looking for his lost artifacts. He has only found his golden bow and arrows which have their own speciality from his god power thanks to Hephaestus in the old times. He has seeked help from Graham once to remake his weapon but didn’t get a response. Alec knows he lost his musical instruments like the flute of manipulation and his golden chariot as mortal life progressed but he just doesn’t remember. Alec, in the human world has became archaeological overseer managing multiple ancient grounds. He has been on the constant trail of adventure looking for his items. With madness approaching the visions of Delphi are coming to haunt Alec again which made him run in the first place from his godly duties
Fc: Richard Madden
19 days 22 hours ago
Name: Annabelle "Anna" Delphi
Age(20-30): 27
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Asexual
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Artemis
Personality: Protective, Reclusive, Perfectionist, Clever
Bio: Annabelle has been a loyal huntress in the Realm of the Gods, using her magical bow and animal shapeshifting to aide herself, her followers, and her ruthless bounty hunter-esque tasks. Her and Apollo are twins, but he takes his appearances from their mother while Annabelle takes from her father, Zeus. She confronted the visions whilst her brother Alec ran, leaving her scarred mentally and physically from him leaving her and fighting the visions alone. She hid under the moonlight in her reclusive home, fighting with herself while he made his getaway in the sun while it shined. She prevailed, and as fellow deities left for New York, she continues to help everyone else who stayed in the Realm. An umbalanced shift affecting New York and the Realm has caused Annabelle to leave the Realm and head to the city, not only in search of answers for this shift but to find her brother as well.
Fc: Zoe Saldana
19 days 16 hours ago
Name: Nakia Oswald
Age(20-30): 21
Pronouns: He/They
Sexuality: Gay
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Anubis
Personality: Reserved, Blunt, Sarcastic, Caring, Observant, Creative
Bio: Death is inevitable, and in the realm of the gods, Anubis sees it happen every day, and helps leads and guides spirits, some too young, some who lived past their due. Anubis needed a break from his fellow gods and goddess, and decided to travel to the mortal realm to live his life away from the spirits... from what he can.

He currently lives in a run down apartment in New York is one of the most shittier parts of the city where crime is rampant, but he keeps to himself only defending himself if needed. Now that things are coming to light he's not sure if he wants to help, since in the end he'll have to deal with death.
Fc:  Hero Fiennes Tiffin
18 days 22 hours ago
Name: Akua Higurashi
Age(20-30): 22
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Bisexual but she has high standards

What God are they: Ryūjin the Japanese God of the Sea

Personality: Calm, intuitive, cunning, protective, mysterious

Bio: Akua works as a relatively successful actress in Japan, but has been known to go back and forth to the US in order to make cameos in movies, do interviews and photoshoots for magazines. She is famous for a mysterious "Kanju Jewel" that she wears at all times and for taking "vacations" where she disappears completely for months at a time. The truth is, Akua's true form is a water dragon that lives in and protects the ocean. She is known to stay out of the drama of the other Gods and Goddesses but shows up in dire times to play either peacemaker or warrior.

Fc: Nana Komatsu
18 days 14 hours ago
18 days 4 hours ago
Name: Amara Dupont
Age(20-30): 24
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Lesbian
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): One of the Three Fates, Atropos! She cuts the life thread!
Personality: Cold, Distant, Quiet, Determined, Protective.
Bio: After being abandoned by her evil older sister, Amara Dunpont finally has the chance to live her own life and she’s made the most of it. She started her own fashion brand called “FATE” alongside her younger sister, Cecilia! They both now own an upscale boutique on the upper east side where they constantly make and sell designs for the gods and goddesses; she still keeps her distance from them though. Despite the cold and icy demeanor, Amara does love and care for Cecila, she just rarely shows it. And when the monsters start rearing their ugly heads around the city, she will do everything in her power to protect her sister.
Fc: Song Hye-Kyo

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