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13 days 21 hours ago
posting penny's app because you know... a 3 day tengaged ban

Name: Cecilia Dupont
Age(20-30): 21
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: Pansexual
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Clotho, the youngest Fate sister and the spinner of the life thread
Personality: bubbly, reserved, excitable, submissive, friendly, socially awkward
Bio: As the youngest sister of the Fates, Cecilia has always lived in her big sisters’ shadow. Not that she ever had a problem with that, she was happy to be in the background and do her thing. That was until the eldest sister, Leila, went rogue and betrayed both Cecilia and her other sister, Amara. Now working full time for their fashion brand “FATE” and their upscale boutique, Cecilia has found a knack for designing clothes and building a big social media presence. Unfortunately, she struggles to communicate with Amara, mistaking her iciness for annoyance and doing anything she can to please Amara, even if it often backfires. She also desperately yearns to make new friends, whether they’re human or fellow gods. In reality, she’s a lonely girl living in a lonely world. And when creatures start invading New York, ironically, that might just be the opportunity Cecilia truly needs to break out of her shell and find herself a new purpose.
Fc: Karina
11 days 16 hours ago
10 days 9 hours ago
Name: Hades Harkin
Age: 35
Pronouns: He Him
Sexuality:  Straight
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Hades God Of The Underworld
Personality: Manipulative, Cunning, Intrusive, invasive
Bio: Hades, has watched from the Underworld and has encountered the souls of his enemies many of times. He also guides them, as he has to manage multiple other deities who trespass his terrain in the underworld. With a sudden disruption on the horizon hades is prepared to claim the sea and Olympus (or what is left of it).
Fc: Josh Brolin
9 days 10 hours ago
Name: Misha Sampat
Age(20-30): 29
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Pansexual
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Dionysus, God of wine, festivity and theater.
Personality: Head-Empty, Relaxed, Carefree & Irresponsible
Bio: Misha often wonders why his fellow big  deities from the sky are so terribly serious. If he had it his way, they'd all crack open a few big ones and just let bygones be bygones. Alas life is hardly ever that simple. Absolutely turned off by the work entailed in scheming and dealing, Misha devotes most of his time to a little hole in the wall theater he threw together a few years ago, being the host to a plethora of off-Broadway shows and obscure vanity projects New York's resident flavor of the month opts to send his way.  And with his recent ventures into the mixology department, Misha is gearing up to make his little ramshackle theater into a sight to behold for an weary looky-loo in search of somewhere to rest their head and let go for a while.
Fc: Dev Patel
6 days 12 hours ago
Name: Madeus "Maddy" Spring
Age(20-30): 27
Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Straight
What God are they?: Asteria (Greek: Ἀστερία) is the Titaness goddess of oracles, prophetic dreams, astrology and necromancer.

Personality: Determined, courageous, sorta badass

Bio: Madeus as always kept her distance from the other deities, especially after fleeing from Zeus eons ago. After watching the creations known as humans, she found herself fascinated and decided to watch from up closer. What was once a research project for herself, Madeus ended up staying on Earth among other humans. At first she was as awkward as you'd expect a deity to be, but now she fits right in. Madeus, better known as Maddy is an FBI Senior Special Agent -- giving her ultimate oversight over the on-going monsters unleashed on the world.

Fc: Chloe Bennet
6 days 7 hours ago
Name: Kenneth Opochtli
Age(20-30): 24
Pronouns: he/him
Sexuality: straight
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Orion, god of hunting
Personality: Vain, loyal, aggressive
Bio: Kenneth is a very confident man. Confident to the point where it could be obnoxious. As someone who really just enjoys the pleasures hunting, Kenneth struggles to find a hobby he can do in the city. He usually has to travel out of the city to hunt, which he finds to be a chore in itself, so now he does it for a living. He works for the local deli down the road from his apartment and brings in their meat after each of his hunting trips. As such an experienced hunter, Kenneth can pretty much turn anything into a lethal weapon and is very skilled in combat. He is more than willing to tell stories about how he killed a bear with his bare hands or how he jumped out of a tree to catch an eagle in mid air. Other than that, he’s usually at the piers, fishing or at a bar, talking up a potential love interest. Right now, his closest friend is probably his dog, Sirius. Sirius is a giant black husky, that people often mistake as a wolf because of his size. Kenneth may be an annoying meat head, but he is very loyal. That may be his only good trait. Other than that, he is a wildcard that acts off impulse a lot.
Fc: Liam Hemsworth
5 days 10 hours ago
3 days 14 hours ago
Name: Vanessa Marshall
Age: 26
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: Lesbian
What God are they?: Nemesis, goddess of divine retribution and revenge
Personality: honest, self-righteous, resentful, generous, vigilant
Bio: Since coming to the city, Vanessa has learned to keep her cards to her chest. However, that doesn’t stop her from extending her nurturing personality to others, just becoming more conscious as to who they are. She owns a small restaurant joint in her neighborhood of the Bronx, allowing her to keep a close eye on the area and the people she cares for. Vanessa is quite estranged from most deities, with only a few in her social circle. She harbors a good deal of resentment, feeling as though her contributions to them in the context of her pursuit for vengeance is often taken for granted. But with threats to her community looming, she might have to greet with herself with former faces and flames.
FC: Ashley Blaine Featherson
3 days 10 hours ago
-apps closed-
2 days 16 hours ago
Name: Martin Thomas
Age(20-30): 30
Pronouns: he/him
Sexuality: straight
What God are they? Mars (roman God of war and also my irl namesake fyi)
Personality: driven focused intelligent
Bio: Coming from the roman deities he feels forgotten about and not taken serious where he was once a feared man of war he is now living in a mortal city. However he plugs on doing what he knows best military he is a military trainer where he trains new recruits for the army the only way he knows how the roman way his ideas might be outdated but his results speak for themselves. Away from bullying newbies he can be found in town drinking copious amounts of alcohol he is friendly towards the other deities but he secretly thinks he is above them all after all he is a war god
Fc:Daniel Sharman

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