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Founded 3/12/19

Stars Wall
(3/16/19) Aquamarine 8th
(3/30/19) Charliebibi 7th
(4/6/19) Gabrieltrezza 5th

1. Frooks is our lifestyle
2. You don't have to be loyal to each other, it's 100% your choice
3. Yellow Level and up (to avoid multis and all plus it's just like frooks)
4. Star everyone in unless noted otherwise
5. This frat is just for fun
6. Bullying of any kind is not permitted
7. If there are claims of someone being a multi, I will look into it and make a final decision
8. During the Stars seat game, do not star in aspirants unless you get approval from me

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  1. PrincessaPeachSpartagow
  2. Bigbrother10101Frooks I mean,,, I hate autocorrect
  3. Bigbrother10101Wish I could have a crooks lifestyle, I just don't get T$ often so... oof
  4. mbarnish1FROOKS NATION

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Did Matt just predict

3 Guigi, May 21, 2019

The return of Admin
guigi 0 days, perm
Cant wait to be permed


Can't wait to meet up

11 Guigi, May 21, 2019

with Jadine, Dru and Wes in Toronto <3
my favs sawchuk55 bengalboy bluejay7622


comment a doggo breed

5 jjvawesomeness0511, May 21, 2019

in Dog Survivor! 18 doggos, 3 tribes, 1 sole survivor. Post a dog breed and once we reach 28 we begin. A random tribe will face tribal council and the blog decides which doggo goes home. there will be tribe swaps too! Plz pyn a dog breed! (random tribes btw) Thanks! (i'll..


I just rewatched Survivor Guatemala

4 Guigi, May 21, 2019

And tbh i remembered Danni being more interesting and doing more but she was very lucky and was a lil bit annoying at time. Still happy she won and still love her but I remembered her being more iconic but she wasnt.

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