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i get tired of seeing people

4 Thumper91, Feb 20, 2019

calling people ugly and other shit trying to put people down
like whats the point of it? what do you get out of it?
does it make you feel good putting someone down for anything?
if you answered yes to any of these questions
then i hope  you find peace within yourself to be a happier more..


the thing is

4 Thumper91, Feb 19, 2019

People know me and daddydev are a F2 we dont ever try to hide it yet we still somehow find our way to finals again and again. Love how we get hated for it yet bamold1999 and classicaz5 get praised for it


When someone asks me what I like to do

1 Thumper91, Feb 19, 2019

And I tell them I sing and dance and they think of it like a professional
Like bitch no I like to do my own thing ♥️


my fave <3

3 Thumper91, Feb 20, 2019


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