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  1. D882*licks jay's toothbrush* bye got me all sittin here to be the beyonce of the crew like really michelle
  2. D882Jay add me like hello Im trying to be president giggles
  3. D882Let me in
  4. D882Hi Pick Me
  5. MrsRobinson
  6. hygor17hiii
  7. Baklava
  8. TraceyDollplease star me and Robb in :)
  9. BrooklynTraceystar me in please
  10. ConeyCannoliLmfao
  11. Thumper91Here for bae jay

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Throwback to

3 Jayglezst, Apr 25, 2019

When Coreyants rigged his skype game so that DaddyDev could come back right after I worked so hard to take him out. All cuz Devin threatened Cory he would never play his skype games again if he didn't come back. And I was evicted right after. Now Devin is dragging Cory..


Hi guys

4 Jayglezst, Apr 25, 2019

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