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Survivor: Guts & Glory Episode 2!

2ndMar 8, 2016 by titan24maniac
Tengaged, can't thank you enough for your support of my series as always. Keep being awesome. I hope you guys enjoy this second episode! It's a fun one, and there's a lot in store for this season. Give this post a plus if you enjoy the show please so that more people see it!

Episode 2 Description: *Watch in 1080p*  Alliances start to form on each tribe as the players prepare for the possibility of Tribal Council, and an icy blindfold challenge comes down to a matter of seconds.

(Last week's poll results are linked there)

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Also don't forget to watch Sparticus142 's College Big Brother series! College reality TV is taking over the worlddddd


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Can't wait to watch!!!
Sent by Arcaninemaster,Mar 8, 2016
Sent by JetsRock12,Mar 8, 2016
ok fine ill watch
btw so nice of u to mention the sparticus one its pretty good too!
Sent by karim,Mar 8, 2016
karim i post updates on the Facebook page!!! But don't like you like the surprise of it. And yeah Jake (Sparticus) works hard on his
Sent by titan24maniac,Mar 8, 2016
lmfao truthhh its a good surprise ill post my usual commentary when I'm done with it
Sent by karim,Mar 8, 2016

(be back soon with my review)
Sent by KingGeek,Mar 8, 2016
Sent by Lynette,Mar 8, 2016
very excited
Sent by Zed55,Mar 8, 2016
awwwwww I liked the person voted out
she was all smiles even when evicted, tbh maybe she seems a bit too nice for the game so I'm not that surprised but ye good episode. I am predicting a Katie win :P
Sent by karim,Mar 8, 2016
But about the episode, I thought it did a good job of setting up future storylines while doing a good job of explaining the boot. Katie forming a 1 on 1 connection with everyone will be interesting to see if they go to tribal again, and if she can manage all those connections. I think Sherry will go on a power trip soon, maybe have a Kenny from Gabon esque arc of underdog turned mastermind turned villain, which is my favorite story arc in Survivor. SOHCAHTOA seems fairly bland so far but that's likely because they haven't gone to tribal yet, so I'm hooping they lose so we can better see the dynamics.
Sidenote: Micah reminds me so much of Eric Stein from Big Brother for some reason.
Sent by DBWs,Mar 8, 2016
Sent by Survivor8,Mar 8, 2016
omg so excited!!
Sent by _ivyyy_445,Mar 8, 2016
Sent by CalebJustLeft,Mar 8, 2016
Plussed will watch later!!
Sent by hwest14,Mar 8, 2016
Gonna watch tomorrow!
Sent by dsradine,Mar 8, 2016
Sent by hsb123,Mar 8, 2016
Good stuff as usual. My two takeaways:

1. Katie is a superstar.
2. I hope the Sherry/Brandon stuff goes the route of Sherry deciding she wants an assertive player on her side (since she's not getting that from Matt) instead of the likely route of getting him out because he's a threat.
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Mar 8, 2016
was not surprised at all with the boot,

and i love sherry still so much. the fact that she's just so into the game and loves playing so much is so cute to me < 3 i love her
Sent by blueu22,Mar 8, 2016
Ugg I was rooting for Emily :/ bad move on Renes and Allan's part tbh
Sent by cfff,Mar 9, 2016
rip emily. DBWs a sherry arc like that would be so fun to watch omg
Sent by LongedShorted,Mar 9, 2016
I agree with Karim's review

loved the episode
Sent by Jordanxo,Mar 9, 2016
watching later xoxo
Sent by Moonfelar,Mar 9, 2016
longedshorted again refuses to post so im doing it for him

his visibility chart:
his edgic:
Sent by blueu22,Mar 9, 2016
1 sad to see emily go liked her
2 sherry is slaying love the francesca ref
3 is there really a redemption island twist
Sent by semajdude,Mar 9, 2016
where the hell did you find balut?
Sent by streeter,Mar 9, 2016
It amazes me how good people are at stacking dominoes under pressure like that. Sharry once again proves she's better than your faves.

lol @ that vote off. I had no idea what was going on with that tribe. I don't know if my mind drifted off for a second (cause every time I watch this i get flashbacks of a Foluke rant) or if they just didn't film their thoughts about who to vote off or it was edited like that but I went into tribal having no clue what was going on lmao.
Sent by Timster,Mar 9, 2016
Also lol @ my top 3 picks pre-season being the fan favorites from episode 1.

Sent by Timster,Mar 9, 2016
Nice episode, I just finished watching terrapin trials so my mind is basically still like foluke/victoria/zach/eric lmao but so proud of Sherry!! I love shannon but I'm not really digging her trio; i like evan and micah but idk about them all together lol
and then there's michelle and katie working and sherry doing the dominos
Sent by lionnudes,Mar 9, 2016
That was great!! Please mail me when you're next episode is up :)
Sent by blazer44,Mar 9, 2016
Evan/Micah OTP

"I like your socks"
Sent by Moonfelar,Mar 9, 2016
Sent by pizzawithcookirs,Mar 9, 2016
Me when Katie is a social strategic goddess
Sent by Jinxh,Mar 9, 2016

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