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Survivor Maryland: All-Stars Episode 6!

1stMay 28, 2018 by titan24maniac
Last week was crazy, but this season is just getting started. Now that Timster has recovered from his death by spontaneous combustion, it’s time to dive into to more #SurvivorMaryland goodness. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts! Join us on the youtube channel at 9:30 tonight to break it down.

Episode 6: “Live Long Enough to Become the Hero”
Description: Urukhai picks up the pieces from the explosive Tribal Council, and the partner twist gives players new goals and methods to achieve them.

Here’s the polls to vote on your thoughts from the episode:

And of course, here is the actual episode!

Give this post your plus plzzzz and avoid the comments til you’ve seen it all!

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first *giggle*
Sent by ninjohn,May 28, 2018
Sent by Piddu,May 28, 2018
another robbed player
Sent by RightToCensor,May 28, 2018
im pissed
Sent by BB5lover,May 28, 2018
Episode 6! jackyboy olympia pizzawithcookirs rosemulet MrBird  lemjam6 sihz  charliebibi krisstory somebodyawesome
Sent by titan24maniac,May 28, 2018
Episode 6! Dmpwb45 gaiaphagee Gilby  mattybb9 notnicky333 bigbrother17 AxKxAxBatman Tits_McGee levonini

Spoilers (although there may be some above which is like did you actually watch the episode?!?!
Sent by titan24maniac,May 28, 2018
Centi is so bad
Sent by ShadowBaller000,May 28, 2018
Yes she is. I really wanted this to be her episode and she's fucking stuff up just like last season. Really disappointed in her.
Sent by CoachWade,May 28, 2018
OK WTF. Centi why! Ugh she is always all talk. She did this last season too
Sent by Piddu,May 28, 2018
Fuck you Centi
Sent by JetsRock12,May 28, 2018
Ashley is such a savage! She literally has me DYING with how she's speaking to Chris T.

She's like how Courtney Yates is in her confessionals, except Ashley just straight up roasts people when she talks to them and doesn't even care
Sent by PoohSnap,May 28, 2018
Centi is the worst!
Sent by PoohSnap,May 28, 2018
Sent by TotalDramaLover1234,May 28, 2018
Centi needs to actually fucking grow some balls even though she is a women
Sent by Kgamer2218,May 28, 2018

Chris Thomas 80% of the episode talking to a female on his tribe:

"I want Lecompte out"

Girl: No

Thomas: Why

Girl: Cause

Thomas: but...

Sad for Sierra (and Ashley) but excited for the fall out next episode!
Sent by Timster,May 28, 2018
BOO CENTI i will find her
Sent by semajdude,May 28, 2018
Sent by Christian_,May 28, 2018
Ugh fucking Nicole
Sent by Alyxandra,May 29, 2018
I am not even a siera fan, but you just made a dumb move. I hope when Chris L. picks Ashley over you, you will cry in your little corner and be a second time loser. DUMB BITCH

ok rant over :)
Sent by cfff,May 29, 2018
PISSED at centi
loved Sabrina/chris T this episode
foluke stays fave
Sent by karim,May 29, 2018
After rethinking I think centi made a good move for herself all her close allies are gone (Ryan siona michelle) she has 0 alliances on the other tribe so her only friend in the game was Chris l. If she flipped on him she was screwed at merge cause her only allies would be Sabrina Sierra and Chris t
Sent by ShadowBaller000,May 29, 2018
Tag me please
Sent by Amnesia_,May 29, 2018
tag me in these please
Sent by NJKoda1998,May 29, 2018
I thought Chris L. will go

Sent by Jasoi,May 29, 2018
I enjoy Chris L for the most part, but Centi fucking up a great move infuriates me
Sent by Survivor8,May 29, 2018
Ughhh Centi :((( I loved Sabrina & Chris T this episode though!!! I was so hopefully for a Chris T/Sabrina/Sierra/Centi alliance.

Even though Sierra went, I think this vote will have a lot of ramifications, especially with Holli & Centi voting for Eric. I also loved the conversation at the beginning between Chris T & Ashley. Ashley is just so funny to me.
Sent by HipposUnite,May 29, 2018
I'm so sad for Sierra but I am rooting for Chris Thomas so hard this season because he wants to make a MOVE!!! Faves: Sabrina, Chris T, Foluke, Shannon, Holli
Sent by MickyBoomy9,May 29, 2018

Sent by Hufus,May 29, 2018
You mispelled #TeamChrisThomas
Sent by Hannah_Parks,May 30, 2018

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