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Survivor Maryland: All-Stars Episode 2! "Force to be Reckoned With"

3rdApr 30, 2018 by titan24maniac
Tengaged -- thanks for all the love on Episode 1! (And that epic porn gif someone posted, that was incredible). I’m so excited to show you all the rest of this season.

Here’s Episode 2 -- “Force to be Reckoned With”
Description: The 19 remaining players build on early alliances and compete in a blindfold challenge. One player questions the authority of the tribe's leader.

Here’s the polls to vote on your thoughts from the episode:

And of course, here is the actual episode!

Give this post your plus plzzzz and avoid the comments til you’ve seen it all!

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Episode 2! bingo21 olympia pizzawithcookirs rosemulet MrBird  lemjam6 sihz  charliebibi krisstory somebodyawesome
Sent by titan24maniac,Apr 30, 2018
Episode 2! Mearl gaiaphagee Gilby  mattybb9 notnicky333 bigbrother17 AxKxAxBatman Tits_McGee levonini
Sent by titan24maniac,Apr 30, 2018
@ epic porn gif
Sent by BrendaMeekz,Apr 30, 2018
i would love to know why everyone is up Chris L's asshole
i feel ill
Sent by Lemjam6,Apr 30, 2018
My legend
Sent by Kaylabby,Apr 30, 2018
tag me!!
Sent by rawr121,Apr 30, 2018
wow at the previews spoiling who loses
Sent by Piddu,Apr 30, 2018
Sent by Jinxh,Apr 30, 2018
piddu what?
Sent by titan24maniac,Apr 30, 2018
Even tho Victoria barely had any screen time, WE LOVE A QUEEN THAT DIDN'T GO TO THE CHALLENGE!!!
Sent by saxonmath,Apr 30, 2018
I think Shannon & Lecompte are fucking and maybe Lecompte used to fuck with Holli and fucked her over.
Sent by Survivor8,Apr 30, 2018
Okay Chris (the one who tore off his shirt) needs to get out was very disrespectful to Austin in the challenge by getting in his face and throwing a tantrum for losing
Sent by spinfur,Apr 30, 2018
tag me
Sent by jackyboy,Apr 30, 2018
Survivor8 when the guy and girl are both good looking, there’s no such thing as “just friends”. They’re totally fucking.
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Apr 30, 2018
tag me
Sent by jflora18,Apr 30, 2018
Tag me please
Sent by me2013,May 1, 2018
sooooo goooddddddd. I love how michelle is randomly in everyones confessionals lmao
Sabrina/Brandon had a nice moment too
Sent by karim,May 1, 2018
yessss rebecca/alex
Sent by Bridgette77,May 1, 2018
how is this not a top blog??
Sent by jackyboy,May 1, 2018
Piddu I'm confused by that, because both men and women were discussing "votes" in the preview...could just be easy alliance talk pre-immunity if anything. About 80% or more of conversations end up discussing "voting for _____" so I don't think that was a spoiler...although I am expecting a tribe swap of some kind next
Sent by Cmack311,May 1, 2018
yasssss you are back!!
Sent by Styxxe,May 1, 2018

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