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Survivor Maryland: All-Stars Episode 1 -- "There Can Only Be One"

1stApr 23, 2018 by titan24maniac
Tengaged….man, it’s been right about 8 years since I was first on this site. And here I am, back with more Survivor: Maryland….here is the premiere of All-Stars!!!

Thank you to those of you who have commented and shown your support throughout the years, it truly means a ton. I can’t wait for you guys to see this season, starting with the epic premiere! If you’re new to the show, then welcome aboard as well!

Here’s the polls to vote on your thoughts from the premiere:

And of course, here is the actual episode!

Give this post your plus plzzzz and avoid the comments til you’ve seen it all!


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Watching this rn can’t wait
Sent by JetsRock12,Apr 23, 2018
Premiere! bingo21 olympia danielzsnooz Volibear MrBird  lemjam6 sihz  charliebibi cfff somebodyawesome
Sent by titan24maniac,Apr 23, 2018
Mearl gaiaphagee Gilby  mattybb9 amartin bigbrother17 AxKxAxBatman Tits_McGee levonini
Sent by titan24maniac,Apr 23, 2018
ahhh love survivor maryland
Sent by AlexTheGreat,Apr 23, 2018
Sent by pizzawithcookirs,Apr 23, 2018
yes !
Sent by Piddu,Apr 23, 2018
Sent by Robbyjak,Apr 23, 2018
Sent by AllieBoBallie,Apr 23, 2018
tag me
Sent by rosemulet,Apr 23, 2018
Oh my god... The challenge was intense
Sent by JetsRock12,Apr 23, 2018
Sent by Survivor8,Apr 23, 2018
Can someone post the pairs in the comments. Who was the boots partner, I'm too lazy to go back
Sent by Piddu,Apr 23, 2018
Sent by saxonmath,Apr 23, 2018
Great episode! A lot of potential for the season. Sad first boot as I enjoyed him/her in their season, but it made the most sense and I kind of expected them to leave early.
Sent by TotsTrashy,Apr 23, 2018
ohhh these are back I'll watch later
Sent by evil_derrick,Apr 23, 2018
Very interesting start... I’d say the people to look out for are the ones who did very poorly their first season, aka prejury... because it’s very easy to give edits to Fan Favs or good players like Evan/Shannon/Chris L/Siona, but what I saw was a lot of content from Sabrina who was out fairly early in her season, I think she has a role to play and could very much win.
As of now my winners picks are Ryan/Sabrina/Schuble
I get a slight vibe a female is going to win and if that’s the case there’s no doubt in my mind Sabrina has a good shot to be that person.
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Apr 23, 2018
I haven’t wat he’s any of the other season, but I think I should now....this was amazing
Sent by jackyboy,Apr 23, 2018
Watched *
Sent by jackyboy,Apr 23, 2018
Sent by NotNicky333,Apr 23, 2018
I am SO SAD about this boot. They're not playing around.
But the episode was amazing. I see so much potential in Schuble to go all the way.
Sent by SurvivorFreak13,Apr 23, 2018
My favorite Maryland player of all time. :( :( :(
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Apr 24, 2018
Sent by dsradine,Apr 24, 2018
Sent by Bridgette77,Apr 24, 2018
City Im genuinely trying to help someone I don’t see how I’m playing the victim. I also don’t see how I could be a Victim in this situation when the clear Victim is Rose in this situation.

Also what does the Holocaust and Jewish people have to do with helping Rosemulet?

And if I do remember correctly you were saying some very Anti Semetic things in reference to this debate so you literally can’t talk.

I’m done addressing you. Carry on.
Sent by tomhartnell,Apr 24, 2018
"Here at Maryland we survive something different"

*sees the football stadium*

I don't know how y'all survive that struggling football team
Sent by DCSooner,Apr 24, 2018
I've never watched much of one of your seasons before, but considering the overwhelming positivity of the comments, as well as the density of comments for the relatively low amount of views, this is probably a cult-classic version of survivor. I may have to check it out since people are ranting and raving about its intrigue! Congrats
Sent by KrisStory,Apr 24, 2018
Sent by Bridgette77,Apr 24, 2018
I watched survivor Maryland when I was like 8 and never realized it originated from tengaged
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Apr 24, 2018
im crying at the first boot i want s4 to do well
Sent by semajdude,Apr 24, 2018
shade dcsooner
Sent by semajdude,Apr 24, 2018
YASSSSSSSSS great job with the edit!
sad for alex he was great in his season
Sent by karim,Apr 24, 2018
Tag me
Sent by FoxyWinters,Apr 24, 2018
Tag me
Sent by NotNicky333,Apr 24, 2018
I remember you!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Apr 24, 2018
omg i remember these titan24maniac
Sent by LoveLife,Apr 24, 2018
WE LOVE A LEGEND #TeamSabrina #TeamVictoria
Sent by Aquamarine,Apr 24, 2018
wait you host these? wth
Sent by Robbster1313,Apr 24, 2018
YASSSS #TeamSherry
Sent by HipposUnite,Apr 24, 2018

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