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Survivor: Guts & Glory Episode 3!

2ndMar 17, 2016 by titan24maniac
Survivor: Maryland has habitually had some strong Episode 3s, and this one is no different...check out the 3rd installment of Guts & Glory here!

Thanks for all the feedback, and keep it going! If you haven't checked out this series yet and you like Survivor, you should really give this a shot.

Description: The quest for the idol heats up as the clues pile on. Then, the tribes compete in a gross food competition that tests their will to win.


Playlist of the season:

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Sent by blueu22,Mar 17, 2016
yes im so excited
Sent by HipposUnite,Mar 17, 2016
Will watch in a few!
Sent by pikachu142,Mar 17, 2016

Sherry :(
Sent by Maladus1,Mar 17, 2016
Sent by ForYouSelena,Mar 17, 2016
mollie borderline invisible again :(
sherry gone :(

well dang
Sent by splozojames50,Mar 17, 2016
ahhh so excited!
Sent by Zed55,Mar 17, 2016
Sent by Survivor8,Mar 17, 2016
just cancel the series.
Sent by JosephinaAlexis,Mar 17, 2016
no someone just cancel the series.
the only person that matters was voted off.

i hate every fucking rat in the blue tribe.
brandon is a fucking dumbass tall idiotic baboon rat, hope he's shot.
Sent by JosephinaAlexis,Mar 17, 2016
I saw it coming
Mikey just seems like a lil rat, hoping he doesn't go very far in the game
Out of that tribe I only really like Nicola, maybe Matt

Overall season favorites are the Socahtrio, Katie, Brian, and Renee.
Sent by kimmal8,Mar 17, 2016
I hated both boot options -- Sherry and Brandon are gold. Likely an unpopular opinion, but for the long run, Brandon staying might be for the best, as Sherry seemed like easy pickings since people discounted her. I'm sure she would have put up a fight and made things interesting, but I get the sense that Brandon has more longterm GAME potential. Or, at least that's what I'm telling myself to deal with the pain. Regardless, it's a big blow, as both were in my top 3 along with Katie. Still a good episode despite the shitty outcome, and I'm still looking forward to seeing how things play out.

Also, hoping Alex skates by for a bit because he's seemingly a perfect merge boot distraction to allow my favs to come out unscathed.
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Mar 17, 2016
Oh, and Mikey clearly has no idea what he's doing. Wildcards like that usually are endearing to me because their insight is so strange and different, but his content is so random that I just can't be there for it. Here's to hoping something good comes from this Sherry blunder (LOL giving up majority) and he becomes a lulzy ironic favorite (but nah, next boot).
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Mar 17, 2016
Aw, for me it didn't make sense, I would've split Nicola and Brandon up as soon as I got the chance, and to backstab someone who was a ride or die, it just felt like an unnecessary move.

Sherry was more iconic in 3 episodes than the remainder of the Azula tribe will ever be, so she has that going for her.
Sent by snowflake3,Mar 17, 2016
Will watch later
Sent by Moonfelar,Mar 17, 2016
im devastated right now, sherry was an icon and i pray to god you are bringing her back for all-stars. I loved her so much she had such a passion to play which was clear based on the fact she would record her own confessionals, was out idol hunting, was strategic, into all these challenges and ugh im just so sad right now. I hope to god the sohcahtoa trio wipe out the blues like they said they were when they voted out priya. #BringBackSherry is all I have to say.

Still looking forward to continue watching, another great episode editing wise and i'm very excited for next weeks episode!

and fuck matt
Sent by blueu22,Mar 18, 2016
longedshorted 's visability chart:
Sent by blueu22,Mar 18, 2016
Sent by lionnudes,Mar 18, 2016
And michelle woo, so long sherry :(!  The evan and micah idol scene was funny, editing was good there
and Austin you're just adorable with your end of episode messages
Sent by lionnudes,Mar 18, 2016
Haven't seen the episode yet but I'm #teambrandon just because of the people above saying he deserves to be shot for not allowing himself to be voted out over their fave!
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Mar 18, 2016
Noooo! Not Sherry :(
Sent by hsb123,Mar 18, 2016
Yeah thesexiestdude990 seems a bit excessive lol
Sent by titan24maniac,Mar 18, 2016
Why the fuck was Brandon not voted out?
Sent by cfff,Mar 18, 2016
cfff I know it's not the fan-desired outcome, but it's not exactly fair to discount the work Brandon and Nicola did to make Matt feel safe no matter what the outcome was.
Sent by titan24maniac,Mar 18, 2016
damn I hate the outcome, mikey didn't make the right choice and matt should have convinced him, I feel like his days are numbered.
I realllllly wanna see a socatoa tribal it would be fun
gd job again Austin :*
also I love rene's random confessional setting lmfao
Sent by karim,Mar 18, 2016
cringe sherry is gone
idk who to root for now really
Sent by semajdude,Mar 18, 2016
Wasn't the biggest Sherry fan, I enjoyed her and she was unique but I'm not devastated by the loss, Evan, Katie, Shannon, Micah, Brian, and Nicola are probably the people I'm rooting for right now. And I think Mikey made a risky play, I don't think he knows he is on the bottom but it was interesting to see him in the swing vote position. With a swap in most likely after 1 more challenge, I feel like it was a good decision because having a united 4 could work out well in a swap if the other tribes are just a little fractured.
Sent by DBWs,Mar 18, 2016

I totally agree with your statement! But like Mikey needs to put on his thinking cap on and release that Brandon and Nicole are voting him out next
Sent by cfff,Mar 18, 2016
Sent by cfff,Mar 18, 2016
cfff definitely a valid point, we will see how it plays out :D

DBWs I'm glad you still have people to root for! I'm sort of confused as to how the commentary went from "wow there are so many people to root for in this cast!" To "the only person I was rooting for is gone"' for a lot of the audience. Ah well, hopefully people will give the rest of the season a shot
Sent by titan24maniac,Mar 18, 2016
That was a good episode. Tribal shocked me to be honest. I was so sure Mikey would flip and they'd vote out Brandon.

I'll give a full summary later
Sent by Cmack311,Mar 18, 2016
oh i'd also like to point out that brandon hasnt done anything bad and i dont know why he got most hated on the poll from last episode, he's a good character, seems to be a solid player and just broke up a strong duo of matt and sherry which i didnt think would ever happen

he's not as terrible as people are making him out to be
Sent by blueu22,Mar 18, 2016
Katie/Socahtrio > Sherry anyway
Sent by Survivor8,Mar 18, 2016


great editing and suspense
Sent by hwest14,Mar 19, 2016
Finally got to watch it last night, And NNOOOOOO SHERRY!

Sad to see her go, you could just tell she loved the game so much and wanted to get far, but I understand why Mikey and Matt would do that.

I'm really enjoying Evan, Katie, Matt, Shannon, and Micah's games too! I think the Socahtrio could go far together!
Sent by dsradine,Mar 21, 2016
Sent by Timster,Mar 22, 2016

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