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PYN and I'll say an opinion

3rdJan 27, 2016 by owlb0ned

or a fact if I don't know you

imthtawesom - I'm glad we met (irl and tg) cos I dated ur BFF cos now ur like one of my fav people on here and ilysm I can't wait to move so we can habbo and call and talk more cos ur so fucking funny and we both dislike 2b together cos it's funny and he's so serious and u and Keith are so cute and I might go to Canada this summer so get ready and I just hope one day u choose me to snap ur butt too and ily and thnx for being my friend!!! We have so many great laughs and memories don't leave me!! Don't forget to vote qwerty bush for president 2016 ok

#bengalboy - glad we been mates so long always glad to talk and u make me laugh. repeat this summer x

#rosemaria - omg ur so funny and loud and blunt I love it

eliortiz1234 - thnx for being my best friend for so long I literally tell u everything ... EVERYTHING and I'm sorry cos sometimes I know u don't care if I hook up with that hot Mexican at work but thnx for listening still. Don't watch CBBUK till I move and have wifi plz

#romancenrainbows - 2+2=4

#sosyomomma - ur so crazy and funny and were similar in somethings and u make me laugh ily we need to drunk call soon

#galaxies - we don't talk but ur always nice so ily

#littlebrother123 - ur ok when ur not acting 12 yrs old castings soon

#bostonrob_ - we don't talk as much now but ur still cool!!!

#joseline - we've never talked but I love spacecadet and ur vlogs

petro - thnx for always helping me with Spanish and dealing with me and being such a good friend ily my Spanish BF and u will win stars one day

jguill - apparently ur gross

arris - I only know u from being rude to austinrules6969

#typhlosion37 - I remember us talking before

lemjam6 - ur one of my closest friends even if we don't talk every day ily and I'll never forget all our memories especially the frookies with volcomvans

hash - I used to always read ur vlogs when I was a noob and I think ur so funny even if u do crazy stuff and u helped me with sugar daddy stuff so thnx cutie

notafraid - gabbie ur so lovely and such a nice and genuine person ps make more vlogs

xxlovewakizaxx - we used to play rookies together then u started hating me???

levonini - u were Inact and quit my group game fuck u

lotus - idk if we've spoken but I like ur username and Petro is a fatty

neathery - ur random blog comments are funny

#crimsonui - 9 + 10 = 21

danielledonato - ur my fav hunger ally to date ily even when ur shady and games and ur so funny and Jessie j and imtht and u are so cute ugh

mickjagger - u always comment this u id!!! Ur funny even tho u always call me ugly and some of ur troll blogs are bland

oreo270 - ur so sweet Paige!!! One of the friendliest ppl on here that I know. Don't let anyone get u down bby xx

johnyb - I'm glad u msg me cos now I have someone to talk game of thrones with

austinrules6969 - I remember u were the first person to comment about my covers LOL ily tho Austin. You're such a nice guy and you deserve such great things in life. I love your music taste and humor and personality so much. I'm glad we started talking more cos I used to always wish we did I miss u and hope you're alrite xx

cornelia - I'm sorry we never met but this summer hopefully for sure!! Ur so funny and I enjoy our rare calls and chats cos it's mostly laughing and jking and shit ur a cutie xxx

joobix - all I know is u work at taco bell

robozoe - idk if u like me or not but I think ur so funny LOL

tomba - we played survivor once!!!

bigbrotherlover7 - u annoy me when u get mad at me for talking to other ppl but besides that I enjoy talking to u and think ur a rlly nice guy :)

ak73 - I miss u we used to be rlly close and now we never talk or are probably on at the same time since I just started getting on more but miss u

saraj10 - we used to be rlly close then stopped and I think we're on ok terms again???? Either way ily and thnx for being the only girl I've sent/shared nudes with u lil hottie!!!! We have such similar personality and interests and I'm glad I've met u and known u so long on here because you've always been a good friend and THANKFULLY not boring

gardenia - I've been waiting for u AHEM I think ur so cute and lovely and I always go to you for music which speaking of plz mail me some after reading this cos I ain't on Skype or snapchat whatever u prefer!!!! ANYWAYS ur so cute whenever I see u on any social media feeds I stalk u cos ur so presh and ugh I wish u were my little sister sometimes and I always watch ur snaps too and I'm glad we're friends now cos ur so gr8 and I enjoy talking to u even if it's not a lot cos TBH it's not enough but yes yes yes I'll repeat myself ur so lovely!!!

hwest14 - I miss u so much I love ur accent and calls with u and just talking I miss our cam calls too!!! Ur a good friend and u introduced me to QUINN who was so lovely even if he hates me now and Jacob who is gr8 and I talked to daniel more and likes him more as well because of you. You're a really funny guy and you can always make me laugh. We need to catch up soon


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do me first b4 i kill myself
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Me and tell Jean (Jguill) that he's gross
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Gabbie < 3
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Ok :$
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did you delete my comment FUCK you (jess?)

i hate you
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you prob dont know me but me anyways lol
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The plan was, to drink until the pain over
But what’s worse, the pain or the hangover ?
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do me
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me owlb0ned
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Sure hi
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I want an onion
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Meeeee plsss
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Please pluse these designs
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wow thats rude owlb0ned
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Me por favor XD
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aweh jess ilysm< 333333333 pls come to canada this summer AHHHH
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arris I said my opinion it's not rude
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Hi :))
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Me plz
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Jessicaaaa meee
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ily owlb0ned
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