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47 alanb1, Jan 31, 2016

And I'll tell you one thing I don't like about you :(
#joseline you have a horrible friend
kelly2722 you didn't gift me black Niall even tho ur at the top of the list
bigbrotherlover7 Petro was robbed :( but happy u won!
cocacola12 your latest Frookie placement
christossss how you are so flamboyant
bowling4fun you didn't join my group game
darbe boring
meebas897 inact for too long :[
galaxies how you're not gifting me anytime soon skank
arris your personality
potatosalad how you broke up with Lexi 2 years ago omg
skyler1822 how I'm never good enuf for you :(
matt64 you fucked me up when you added all your contacts to a chat while I was frookying
koolcoop dick pics to makayla
bengalboy your silly accent
scooby0000 you outlasted me in stars >:(
diamondsarentforever when you removed me as a skype contact twice. Although if I had to pick one instance it's the second one cuz wtf was that
tomdudley how bad you were at frookies today
thepug whenever u fuck me up in RAGE
scrafty how u haven't submitted a score for my challenge
ohheydudeski how the black Niall still isn't on my head
con66 your rude comments on my favorite blogs
bryce12 how you hurt Fiona's feelings :(
downeaster how low I am on your clearly fucked up list
delete2544 the scary message you sent me
lexibear your stars placement
goodallan u removed me again
willie your obsession with me
taybear17 you try too hard
orlando652 you have my least favorite Halsey song on your profile
survivoring you left my frat and now it's taking forever to star u in
Not doing anymore until my next frookies cuz I'm in a good mood all of a sudden

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