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I can't stand when people say

Aug 16, 2013 by owee13
That someone deserves to win stars because they went through so much being nommed like 4 times compared to everyone else being nommed one or two, and that that person's such an underdog and really deserves the win because of what the rest of the cast put them through. @_@

You're playing stars, anyone could very easily do basically nothing all week, not talk to anyone, not play the game, go up multiple times, and get support that way, but honestly imo if you're up that much more than other people in the game mostlikely you did something wrong and didn't play as well as the other people in the game O_o And while idealistically flavors shouldnt be created, but its just those people who are playing the game to the best of their ability attempting to stay off the block at all costs.

No offense to people who do go up a lot and think they play well, I just feel like nobody can argue that someone who went up once played a worse game than someone who goes up 3-5 times.


Stars is a joke
Sent by Dash,Aug 16, 2013
yeah +15
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Aug 16, 2013
shut up u double time winner
Sent by sihz,Aug 16, 2013
it's the same reason why candice/elissa/jessie have become fan favorites of BB15, they were the underdogs.

I don't necessarily think its smart gameplay to keep renominating the same people, because it makes the public forget about you, and it could potentially make you look controlling and make the public turn on you, similarly how the public doesn't like Amanda or Helen.
Sent by MTman,Aug 16, 2013
MTman Creating flavors definitely isnt smart, and while it makes sense for people who really want to stay off the block, all it does is boost people's popularity. Like in your game, I absolutely am impressed by Seb/Cody for the games theyve been playing, but like Cody for instance is about as popular as you, but by flavorizing you hes given you that boost that you mostlikely needed to separate yourself from him in a finals vote, even if he really did play the better strategic game.

Gameplay is really underrated in stars, but yea you make a lot of sense and I sound pretty hypocritical as I root for people like Elissa/Jessie/Candice in bb for being underdogs but absolutely would root for someone like Amanda/Helen in stars LOL

GL man, hope you stay in your poll!
Sent by owee13,Aug 16, 2013
haha i know what you mean owee13, i just think that good gameplay in stars doesn't necessarily mean staying off of the block, i think it means finding a way to get two similar people in the final 3 with you so that you can get the majority of the votes.

so for cody/seb i think it would have been best to take both me and ginger to finals since they would get all the votes from the people voting based on gameplay

but idk haha it's only my second stars so what do i know :P
Sent by MTman,Aug 16, 2013

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