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Its really weird

Aug 6, 2013 by owee13
When someone who was an absolute noob with like no karma when I was in the HoF is in it now @_@


Its sooooooooo weird ..makes me feel like an oldie :|
But grats to you all for sure! =]


@Splazojames50 LOL owee
Sent by cocaine,Aug 6, 2013
LOL oops!
Sent by owee13,Aug 6, 2013
oh ok
Sent by BBlover96,Aug 6, 2013
BBlover96 used to be my bitch in frookies LOL, i kept getting him evicted and then always made him vote for me when i made F2 :) like the Goddess that i am x0
but then he became karma-obsessed and outranked me :((((((((((((((
Sent by Etienne,Aug 6, 2013
I remember jayson being a yellow level with 100 karma @_@
Sent by TBIbetch,Aug 6, 2013
LMFAO ME TOO he was in the noobs for a bit! Etienne
Now hes like a super frookies beast :P
Sent by owee13,Aug 6, 2013
LOL wtf this is so weird. I think 2-3 of them hadn't even joined yet (or at least were unknown low levels) when I left about a year ago LOL.
Sent by Seal,Aug 6, 2013
ugh it was like yesterday that Nick beat me in stars!
Sent by dmann,Aug 6, 2013

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