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The two stars

Aug 5, 2013 by owee13
That I won...Are the two stars that I offered to go up in @_@
I don't know why everyone seems to think it's a bad strategy LOL. It may be risky but if you're in a position where you're large target and mostlikely will go up in that given round or one to come, volunteering against an "easier opponent" temporarily takes a target off your back and you avoid going up with someone more popular or an ally.

Idk LOL. Worked for me O_o


Sent by Honalulue,Aug 5, 2013
In the stars I won, I controlled every nomination I was up against.

I never went against wonderland or coreypanda (the two in the cast that could beat me)

instead, I went up against Nick#s, etc
Sent by qwert2,Aug 5, 2013
lol i would flavorize myself against very unpopular people to win xx
Sent by sihz,Aug 5, 2013
qwert2 Exactly. It gave me and my allies the opportunity to control the entirety of the game, and if I hadnt done it I wouldve gone up against someone I wouldve lost to in a poll like Brandon or Thomas in the current game LOL

Im all for it now lmfao
Sent by owee13,Aug 5, 2013
owee13 i did the same LOL except for with je. i mean we all nominated and i'm pretty sure i was the victim of a tie unless kimmal8 is still lying to me!!!!!!!
Sent by chelss,Aug 5, 2013
ily owee13 .... haters will always hate. You should know this by now ;)
Sent by seana86,Aug 6, 2013

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