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  1. (wave)
  2. Just spent like all of my ts @_@
  3. Okay I have a lot of random ts
  4. Who would you most like to see
  5. Elissas old pictures make me mad
  6. LOL Never Joining HG
  7. I cant figure out why so many people
  8. I can't stand when people say
  9. To be completely honest
  10. Its really weird
  11. If you spam me because of my blog
  12. The two stars
  13. Just the fact
  14. Winner of Stars 245 - Thank you so much everyone!..
  15. When people say
  16. Finals of Stars 245 :')
  17. Finals in Stars =] @_____@
  18. Nominated for 9th in Stars 245
  19. I think the key to getting the Raffle Ticket
  20. Get the hell out :X
  21. When everyones upset
  22. The last 3 stars winners were all
  23. LOL me
  24. No wonder why production wouldnt let
  25. =[
  26. The smartest thing Aaryn could to
  27. Where do you think
  28. Kaitlin saying
  29. IF GM
  30. BB Ranking
  31. I cant stand how much shit
  32. I wish theyd do
  33. Stars Support!
  34. I want to join stars
  35. I used to be a beast at duel
  36. I miss
  37. For Andy and Helen
  38. Live Feeds are the biggest issue
  39. Helen telling Andy
  40. Idc if this season was a boring one

Who would you most like to see

6thAug 30, 2013 by owee13
From BB15 on Allstars2 or another season in general?

For me Helen is most deserving.. or Jessie. Probably would be Candice or Elissa too but I know that she's going to say she won't come back without Rachel and idk if I could handle another season with her LOL, but ye she will probably be there no matter what Elissa does. Id like to see Nick again because I think he had exactly what's needed to be a great player, he just got screwed really early on.

I wouldnt even mind Aaryn @_@


Elissa or Jessie
Sent by prince_Eric,Aug 30, 2013
Aaryn or Amanda tbh.
Sent by Cerulean,Aug 30, 2013
Nick and Aaryn
Sent by Mattyc964,Aug 30, 2013
Rachel would come back in a heartbeat as long as BB was quick enough.
Sent by Finnick,Aug 30, 2013
Rachel would be in All Stars 2 100%
Sent by dmann,Aug 30, 2013
Elissa and Candice. tbh
Sent by ShanrockForLife,Aug 30, 2013
I hope aaryn and/or amanda come back for all stars 2
Sent by M2thamax,Aug 30, 2013
lol remember when I beat you in a stars poll, lol after playing this one I always wondered if i had survive a poll, then it hit me ;D
Sent by TheIrishSmurf4,Aug 30, 2013
its gonna be judd cuz america loves him
Sent by smi9127,Aug 30, 2013
Theirishsmurf4 I kept thinking how I couldnt wait til you went up so I could post our poll and (facepalm) about it LOOOL. GL man!
Sent by owee13,Aug 30, 2013
honestly aaryn and helen
Sent by BB5lover,Aug 30, 2013
Elissa, Candice and Helen and Jessie I guess
Sent by ianfitz0012,Aug 30, 2013
Elissa/Jess but most importantly CCandice
Sent by Fern111,Aug 30, 2013
Elissa/candice/Judd/aaryn/Helen and amanda are the only people I see they might ask back
Sent by VoLcOmVaNs,Aug 30, 2013
Nick for sure. Second chance season would be awesome...
Kaitlin/Jeremy too lol.. They really went too early ;/
Sent by superkevin79,Aug 30, 2013
Britney Ronny Kalia Helen Nick Elissa
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Aug 30, 2013
Helen or Elissa
Sent by woeisme,Aug 30, 2013
i'd want helen/jessie/elissa/aaryn because it would be cool to see how they play against people that aren't retarded so yeah
Sent by Clone,Aug 30, 2013
I would most want to see Helen or Aaryn come back strictly based on gameplay.

Personality wise, I wouldn't mind seeing GM, Elissa, Helen, Jessie, Candice, Howard, or Andy again I guess.
Sent by Tits_McGee,Aug 30, 2013
Sent by xCountryBoyx,Aug 31, 2013
nick and aaryn for sure
this cast had a lot of people that i thought brought out the bad in each other, and i think aaryn without a cast that was supportive of her comments would have been a lot more popular, and like u said nick was just screwed over early anyway
Sent by tyleror,Aug 31, 2013
why is jessie deserving? she didnt do shit
Sent by Mexash,Aug 31, 2013
aaryn because racism should be rewarded.
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Aug 31, 2013
Nick, Aaryn, Helen
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Aug 31, 2013
Amanda or McCrae, McCrae deserves it because he is in the best position of the game having a shield or two named Andy and Amanda. Amanda because she is like Evel dick, she could potentionally win Bb15 just like Evel won Bb8.
Sent by RaverKid,Aug 31, 2013

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