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To be completely honest

Aug 16, 2013 by owee13
Id prefer anyone but Judd coming back next week because as much as I liked him for a while, even if Candice and Jessie do potentially get thrown out in the next couple of weeks, they'll at least attempt to flip things and stir the house while Judd will fall right back into a complacent position in the game for a few weeks and then be kicked out in a similar way again Im sure.


Sent by _Aria,Aug 16, 2013
YES 100%
Sent by lemonface,Aug 16, 2013
agreed, it will be boring if he comes back
Sent by babiicakes,Aug 16, 2013

I want Jessie back and gay or straight you gotta admit jessie is a babe
Sent by bryjow123,Aug 16, 2013
i'm rooting for candice because although she probably would get evicted right when she gets back, and she sucks at challenges so tis prolly not gonna happen anyway, she won't hesitate to pull what Jessie did x10 before she got evicted and expose everything. also candice was extremely observant and knew a lot about the dynamics of the house

and i would love to see a reunion between her and GM lol
Sent by MTman,Aug 16, 2013
Bryjow123 LOL yea man she is, wont deny that (y)
MTman Exactly, agreed 100000% Candice is my pick too just because she will most efficiently stir things up and cause shit, and while it wont last long itll still be fun to watch and would help people like Elissa/Spencer get footing before they get fucked too. Idk there just needs to be some legitimate opposition to Amanda and Mccrae at some point :|
Sent by owee13,Aug 16, 2013

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