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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

If you spam me because of my blog

Aug 6, 2013 by owee13
At least plus my blog ok (y)
What a pet peeve wow


I'll plus and comment and NOT spam you, take that!
Sent by malachite05,Aug 6, 2013
malachite05 now THATS respectable!
Sent by owee13,Aug 6, 2013
yeah take that bitch I plussed and commented and I don't have any spam for you
Sent by sahmosean,Aug 6, 2013
i spammed you before it bitch
Sent by dmann,Aug 6, 2013
dmann ik this wasnt to you dw!111
Sent by owee13,Aug 6, 2013
yea i've just started negging any spam I get and I see that they didn't plus my blog
I think it is a fair trade
Sent by sjsoccer88,Aug 6, 2013

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