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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

LOL Never Joining HG

7thAug 21, 2013 by owee13
Again! Lool its fun but its in the same ballpark with stars as its sooo stressful and strategic and while its really enjoyable its something that I dont know how people play all the time LOL

Cant believe I just won wtf @_@ If you have great allies and a solid strategy you can still win! Ive realized recently its not entirely comp based (y)

Edit: Idk why this is a top blog LOL


lol fuck that loser that cheated against you last time for guitar
Sent by KittyTheEmolga,Aug 21, 2013
can i have my gift now?
Sent by Bix123,Aug 21, 2013
as you join again when you can
Sent by dmann,Aug 21, 2013
can i have my gift now?
Sent by Bix123,Aug 21, 2013
Sent by doodleshugh,Aug 21, 2013
grats on your win ^_^
Sent by zakisaboss,Aug 21, 2013
girl bye the f2 was not even a competition u won every single one LOL

grats thoughhhh so glad we did it :)
Sent by MattyBB9,Aug 21, 2013
gift me not kidding
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Aug 21, 2013
Sent by Insanity,Aug 21, 2013
mattybb9 shouldve won
u cheated
Sent by Quackerz,Aug 21, 2013
Owee13 congrats bf
Sent by Kaylabby,Aug 21, 2013
grats buddy :3
Sent by ados707,Aug 22, 2013
congrats lol
Sent by skyler1822,Aug 22, 2013
congrats owee!!
Sent by tinabeena,Aug 22, 2013

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