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Shoutout To Macabre and Drupayneis (sun)

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Two questions Apr 3, 2021
1. What on earth is this egg hunt thing?
2. Is there any way to read my old mail or do they all archive after a certain amount of time?
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Updates/Thoughts Apr 3, 2021
Things I am learning:
- Minigames suck now (match 3 is gone - devastated!)
- I miss stars and wish I came back two weeks ago
- TylerK and Lemonface are irl good friends I can sleep well at night knowing this friendship exists
- I miss so many of you lmao its crazy how quickly it all comes back. I want to catch up with you all but also don't want to get sucked back in. You know the drill. This is fucking nuts. The NOOBS my heart!
- I put my avatar back - no more skeleton for this guy. Thanks hwest14 for the inspiration.

Updates for you all:
- I am still single as hell - leaving tengaged didn't solve that one for me
- I have a beautiful pup and she is my heart and soul and a #diva
- I work in HR and am just like Toby from the office
- I am 24 now and we are all old as hell

I could literally spend my whole day on here this is bad news!
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What the hell is Winners at War Apr 3, 2021
I want to vomit. All winners stars? N o way. Genius idea.

Edit: that cast is fucking nuts.
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What has changed Apr 3, 2021
Give me the tea. Is Randomize still an absent father? Does Phenomanimal still win every game he plays? Does lemonface still run the world? Will gagaluv rain on me?

I feel like it's all the same? LMAO

I'm trending ok go off king. Broncman789 should've won stars!
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Its been like 8 years Apr 3, 2021
How does this work? Jk it all comes right back this is wild.

I need to figure out who is still here. Where are lemonface and kimmal8?

My inbox says I have 164 unread emails but won't let me read any of them because its been too long. Skeleton problems.

Hope you are all well!
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(wave) Dec 18, 2013
Been a while! Hows everyone?
idk why I logged on but oh well
Im not staying but i miss a lot of you and it'll be nice to catch up!
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