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The fragility of life <3

3rdAug 17, 2022 by hayden9102
imageHey guys. I’m not super vocal about these sort of topics but I know a lot of you have known my cats for a while now. I just wanted to let you know that Belle died just a little while ago. She was one of my oldest but she had a great life. We think she either had a blood clot or a stroke because she lost feeling in her back legs. She was crying and by the time we got her in the carrying case to take her to the vet, she passed. She had no previous symptoms so I’m still a little shocked but that’s how it goes sometimes. I’m gonna miss her a lot, but I’m grateful that the death was quick. You never know when you’re gonna go so make the most of it. Anyways thanks for reading this.


I’m sorry for your loss 💔
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Aug 17, 2022
thank you for giving her the good life she deserved :)
Sent by Notsae,Aug 17, 2022
I’m sorry to hear about this… but you gave your cat a long, great life and I’m sure your cat loved you. Are your other 5 still alive?
Sent by NanoNerd,Aug 17, 2022
your cat was crying because she knew she was leaving you ;(( so sad
Sent by JonahFierce,Aug 17, 2022
Aww. So sorry for your loss nick ❤️❤️❤️
Sent by Lynn12,Aug 17, 2022
sorry for ur loss :(
Sent by iiGalaxyii,Aug 17, 2022
Thanks guys! NanoNerd the other 5 are still around!
Sent by hayden9102,Aug 17, 2022
oh my gosh Nick!!! Oh I am so crushed for you, losing a pet is soooo painful! I am sorry for the loss, though i agree and thankful that it was quick <3 sending you lots of love and hugs and prayers!
Sent by CarolinaSteele,Aug 17, 2022
Aww im so sorry for your loss. Im glad though that it was peaceful and no matter what i'm sure you gave her an amazing life full of love and care and you'll take that with you as will she <333
Sent by NewNightmare7,Aug 17, 2022
Im sry for ur loss. i have cats of my own and i've never experienced what it feels like to lose a pet... but i will eventually and i can't imagine any of it. sending loves
Sent by GeorgeFlair,Aug 18, 2022
omg, bro... :(
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Aug 18, 2022
I’m so sorry man :/
Sent by 3pi14159,Aug 18, 2022
I’m sorry Nicky ❤️
Sent by tonym101101,Aug 18, 2022
omg no , sorry for your loss
Sent by stuartlittle16,Aug 18, 2022
Ohh Nick, I’m so sorry to hear that :(
Sent by Midiaw,Aug 18, 2022
sending love
Sent by Kaylabby,Aug 18, 2022
im sorry 💔
Sent by looana,Aug 18, 2022
sorry for your loss pal <3
Sent by Steefano,Aug 18, 2022
Ahh :(

Losing a pet is really difficult… I’m sorry.
Sent by zachbbs,Aug 18, 2022

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