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11thFeb 15, 2023 by hayden9102
with an artist that you’ve been binging lately!

My artist of the week has been Faouzia idk her voice is just hitting 😂


The weeknd
Sent by Lifeiscool,Feb 15, 2023
fifty fifty
Sent by Eilish,Feb 15, 2023
Do Nightcore Songs count?
Sent by Yandereboy12,Feb 15, 2023
Nicky Youre.

I only know one of their songs and it's called Sunroof.

Although maybe you've heard it.
Sent by Cromatique,Feb 15, 2023
Doechii and SZA
Sent by MrMinaj,Feb 15, 2023
Lifeiscool He’s super solid!
Eilish never heard of them but I’ll give them a listen!
yandereboy12 Yeah anything you’ve been listening to 😁
Cromatique I have actually heard it. Also another really solid song!
MrMinaj SZA I know of cuz she just came out with that new album I think, but I’m interested in the other one!
Sent by hayden9102,Feb 15, 2023
Sent by AronJX,Feb 15, 2023
Quinn XCII
Sent by Survivor8,Feb 15, 2023
lana del rey
Sent by Fetish,Feb 15, 2023
OH LITERALLY CTRL is the better of the two
Sent by MrMinaj,Feb 15, 2023
Sent by Tester,Feb 15, 2023
Hayley Kiyoko!
Sent by schmooboy,Feb 15, 2023
Sent by FromAWindow,Feb 15, 2023
AronJX I can’t say I’ve heard of them but curious to listen!
Survivor8 I love Quinn XCII he’s so awesome!
Fetish She’s got a lot of really solid songs!
Tester I’ll check them out too!!!!
Schmooboy is that the lady from Lemonade Mouth? 😂
FromAWindow I’ll take a listen Braden!
Sent by hayden9102,Feb 15, 2023
Sent by Admir,Feb 15, 2023
Cocteau Twins and Raye
Sent by MJFJUNE,Feb 15, 2023
admir one of my favs tbh it’s so good
MJFJUNE I’ll give those Botha. Listen!!!!
Sent by hayden9102,Feb 15, 2023
both a
Sent by hayden9102,Feb 15, 2023
Yes she is from Lemonade Mouth! I’ve always been a stan of hers but I’m obsessed with her most recent album Panorama!!
Sent by schmooboy,Feb 15, 2023
I ducking stand faouzia so hard. Before I read the whole blog I was gonna suggest her, but my work here is already done. You’re legit my new best friend.

My favorite faouzia song is bad dreams. Such a talented queen.
Sent by PaulaDeen,Feb 15, 2023
schmooboy oh snap I’ll have to check that out!

PaulaDeen Hey new bestie haha Bad Dreams is so good too!!! That’s amazing! Idk I just stumbled upon her music and was instantly hooked
Sent by hayden9102,Feb 15, 2023
Pierre Lapointe
Sebastian Yatra
Alaska 5000
Rina Sawayama
Conan Gray
Sent by Jogon,Feb 15, 2023
Jessie j, i Love her voice hahaha xD
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Feb 15, 2023
Sent by VanitySmurf,Feb 16, 2023

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