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Soup Jan 15, 2024
Is just chunky tea.

Think about it
Points: 0 2 comments
Pretzels Aug 21, 2023
are an amazing snack
Points: 20 0 comments
I’ve found a feature May 21, 2023
That only allows cool people to comment on my blogs. Can y’all help me test it out?
Points: 45 4 comments
What happens when you Apr 26, 2023
let a Cedar wood and Benedict Arnold procreate?

They have a treason.
Points: 11 0 comments
Is this Snapchat AI Apr 23, 2023
Thing legit? Seems a little 🐠y
Points: 71 3 comments
If you haven’t Apr 10, 2023
Seen the Mario bros movie yet,

Please go see it!
Points: 71 5 comments