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NFL Playoff Prediction #3

Nov 26, 2012 by egaga911
The Denver Broncos and their win streak
When the AFC was looking weak, the Broncos started winning, and winning and winning. Now they have the longest active win streak actually, and it's no joke. They are most definitely on their way to an AFC West title, when at the start of the season no one even gave them a chance. Unlike any other QB besides Tom Brady, Peyton Manning can give any receiver, no matter how skilled, a name for himself. Brandon Stokley, Jacob Tamme, Eric Decker and even Demaryius Thomas have all improved miles under the guidance of the future hall of fame QB.

Earlier in the season however, the Broncos lost to three teams they will need to beat if they want a chance at a championship. And losing their top 10 running back in McGahee won't help their cause. If Moreno can be decent, and Manning keeps doing his thing, the Broncos could certainly go undefeated the rest of the way on their path to the superbowl. And their defense has been quiet but very strong lately, especially the pass defense. I see good things stemming from this team.

Chances they win superbowl: 12:1

#4 will come later when I'm bored. Tell me if you want me to trend you in these.
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broncos are looking sharp
but better watch out for dem 49ers
Sent by SSDZ,Nov 26, 2012
Id like to see them do good
Sent by Chlltownofcourse,Nov 26, 2012
do it
Sent by AxKxAxBatman,Nov 26, 2012
Tag me in this.
Sent by Spinner554,Nov 26, 2012
Tag me lmao
Sent by Bradyman7,Nov 26, 2012
tag me :P
Sent by Dalagninja,Nov 26, 2012
I see them beating the texans and making it to the afc championship game
Sent by khart92,Nov 26, 2012
Mmm My twin brother is a 49ers Fan LMAO he be happy about this Blog. But PEYTON CHOSE the WRONG team lol.
Sent by Caliboy,Nov 26, 2012
Oh I mean my twin is a Broncos fan* lol my bad
Sent by Caliboy,Nov 26, 2012
broncos are nothing... Del Rio is decent but has never and will never figure out Josh Mcdaniels.
Sent by BrendonByrne,Nov 26, 2012
Wait really? Honestly I'm following them b/c i live there and they aren't doing that good
Sent by BassAbsol,Nov 26, 2012
I think everyone knew either them or the Chargers would win the AFC West before the season started
Sent by Ev32,Nov 26, 2012
Everyone said the Chargers ev32 :P and what are you talking about bassabsol :S They are  8-3
Sent by egaga911,Nov 26, 2012

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